Sound Bath | CannaCosmic Vibrations: A Musical Journey to the Higher Self with CBD

SOUND BATH  |  CannaCosmic Vibrations: A Musical Journey to the Higher Self with CBD with Rachel Dugas & Smomid NOTE: CBD is an oil derived from the cannabis plant. It is completely legal and does not contain THC (it is non-psychoactive).  CannaCosmic Vibrations is a shamanic musical journey exploring plant consciousness through sound and music.  We will gather together for CBD-infused tea and intention setting before we travel with the spirit of the plant.* The evening will begin with deep listening, breathwork, call-and-response chants, and a vocal meditation guided by the Indian ragas. Journeyers will then lie down and go within while Rachel and Nick improvise using a wide variety of instruments including tuning forks, singing bowls, frame drum, shakers, chimes, ukulele, shruti box, vocals, and Smomid’s self-made instrument which creates binaural beats, abstract textures, and ambient spaces. Throughout the journey participants will receive personalized, hands-on tuning using Biosonics tuning forks. "A naturally powerful healing experience" "I felt energetically cleaner and lighter" “A cosmic travel of time and space across many cultures” "A completely new experience of sound" *Participants are encouraged to bring their own additional plant medicine to consume at their own discretion.  ABOUT RACHEL DUGAS Rachel Dugas is a performance artist, sound healing practitioner, and cannabis educator. As a young girl growing up in Massachusetts, she began her musical journey through classical piano and ballet at the Boston Conservatory of Music. A love for drumming, singing, hip-hop and West African dance opened her up to the spiritual healing power of music and dance as she explored the freedom of self-expression. As a student of Yoga of the Voice with Silvia Nakkach, she holds a certification in Sound, Voice, and Music in the Healing Arts from the California Institute of Integral Studies and studies Indian Dhrupad singing with master Uday Bhawalkar. She recently returned from a musical journey around the world where she performed and taught in Greece, Spain, and India.  Alongside her work with sound and music, she consults with a variety of cannabis companies, curates cannabis experiences, and writes educational content for health website HelloMD. Learn more at ABOUT SMOMID Smomid is a project by Nick Demopoulos, who is a Brooklyn based performer, musician and instrument builder.  Smomid only utilizes instruments he designed, which emit both light and sound, to create highly charged multi-sensory performance experiences. The name is derived from an acronym of his primary instrument: “String Modeling Midi Device.” Smomid music features glitchy and scattered beats, sampling, abstract textures, ambient spaces, and improvisation. Smomid music draws on many varied influences and creates bizarre juxtapositions with deft sonic versatility, with samples of heavy beats, Gregorian Monks chanting and Taiko drum sounds all coexisting comfortably.  After listening to several Smomid tracks one gets the impression that anything is possible and all sound universes can exist together. All Smomid instruments emit light through high powered LEDs, and some illuminate visual animations with encoded messages through LED displays embedded in the instruments. Learn more at

Event Details

3:00 AM on April 19, 2019


Liberate Hollywood
6365 Selma Avenue
Los Angeles, CA