Sweet Tatas CannaCircle

SWEET TATAS CANNACIRCLE with Tatiana Weaver $20 Early Bird, $25 Day Of “Trying to move from altered states to altered traits” ~ Houston Smith Canna Circles are an opportunity to simply...stop, breathe, and connect with cannabis. Join SweetTatas and her canna-crew as they create an experience that will help you cultivate a positive relationship with cannabis. Through mindful, intentional and spiritual cannabis rituals, open conversations and mindful and intentional consumption, the CannaCircles will be your safe haven to get to know and explore cannabis more intimately in a loving community of like-minded people. Creating a spiritual life through spiritual experiences, cannabis allows you to deepen your entrance into the present movement.  You will be led through a blissful and mind-opening journey while you explore cannabis, its benefits, and the variety of ways you can incorporate it into your life. Allowing your Self to be still with cannabis can produce an array of positive effects that you can learn about through this experience.  Practicing with cannabis and learning to respect the plant as we go through our hectic, non-stop lives allows cannabis to be constructive and helpful. Emotional and physical healing can occur during your cannabis experience as well as feelings of ease and contentment…and it’s simply fun and expanding. Allow expectations and thoughts to fall away as you surround your Self in the healing powers of cannabis.  What to Expect:  Opening and Closing Ceremonies Nurturing & comforting environment Cannabis Micro-Dosing Hemp and Marijuana Education and Meditations Intention and focus Mind Expansion  Cannabis Blessings and Music Breath work and Light Body Movements Community Sharing Cannabis Conversations, Networking and Sharing  The Flow: Opening Circle -       Blessing of the Plant -       Clearing, calming, and creating space -       Conscious Cannabis Intention Setting and Focus -       Hemp (and Cannabis Optional) CannaJourney: Connect, Breathe and Release  -       Introduction for students new to cannabis and exploration for advanced students -       Intention setting, opening, immersion -       Safe for beginner and advanced students -       Mini-Adjustments and relaxing massage techniques for ultimate zen and relaxation Closing Circle Final Blessing, integration and Sharing CBD Treat Early Ticket: $20 Day-Of Ticket: $25   Ticket includes: CBD (and more) circle with intention setting and sharing, exploration and expectation assesment, sound healing journey, guided light yoga movements and meditation, optional adjustments and mini massages, aromatherapy, and a treat to close end the journey.  Join SweetTata’s for monthly Cannabis-focused Meet-ups, Ganja Yoga classes, and other workshops. Check the calendar for dates and times. SweetTata’s CBD focused and cannabis-friendly shop are now exclusively at Liberate Hollywood. Please e-mail [email protected] for any questions.  ABOUT SWEET TATAS Tatiana [SweetTatas) is a true bubble of energy and uses her likeness as a marketing executive, brand spokesperson, comedic actress, model and a heart-centered healer. She's proud to be a Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT200), has completed the Ganja Yoga Teacher Training in Los Angeles (50hrs) and is Reiki attuned. In her recovery from a life changing accident, Tatiana has overcome severe injuries, pain and high anxiety and has learned to use CBD (and THC), combined with yoga, meditation, and other lifestyle choices, to heal and transform her life. Through exploring plant medicine and a holistic lifestyle, experimenting with new cannabis brands and learning about the latest in the hemp and cannabis worlds, Tatiana has become a staple in the cannabis community. Her magic lies in connecting with people. Her ability to guide people through and to a positive mind-effecting experience is widely known. Intuitive, empathetic, and extremely caring, Tatiana has committed her Self to healing and helping others find balance and comfort in their life through the use of CBD, cannabis goods, and yoga, stretching, and breathing practices. She hosts group and private cannabis-enhanced yoga sessions and gives 1-on-1 or group educational circles, private, and group “seshes.” Tatiana is a proud yoga, health, cannabis and hemp advocate, dedicated to helping people make informed and better decisions when it comes to self-care, pain management, natural medicine and homeopathic remedies. For more information, please reach out. @sweettatas www.sweettatas.com

Event Details

2:00 AM on April 9, 2019


Liberate Hollywood
6365 Selma Avenue
Los Angeles, CA