FREE Too Good for Drugs & Violence Highschool Training

Isaac Community in Action Coalition will be hosting a free Too Good for Drugs and Violence Highschool Training open to educators, prevention specialists, social workers, community health workers, volunteers, community residents, etc. The training will be 7 hours long with breakfast at 8:30 am and lunch at noon (breakfast and lunch will be provided). Upon completion, attendees will become certified TGFD and Violence Highschool Trainers and will be able to implement the curriculum within their own organization, surrounding school districts, community centers, and churches. TGFD materials are not included upon completion of the training and will need to be purchased through the TGFD website. Also, through a collaborative partnership, there may be a possibility of the coalition paying a small stipend to those who wish to implement the program (all materials will be provided) on behalf of the coalition within the Maryvale area of Phoenix, after the individual has obtained a fingerprint clearance card (paid by the coalition).  For those not familiar with the curriculum, Too Good for Drugs and Violence in High School is an evidence-based curriculum that applies real-world challenges teens face in high school to explore practical guidance for understanding the negative health effects related to prescription drug misuse, underage drinking, marijuana abuse, opioid abuse, and nicotine use. Students also explore the stages of addiction and the risks associated with experimentation. Social-Emotional skill development is a the core of Too Good to promote social awareness and self-awareness to equip teens to evaluate the social and peer influences they face as well as the internal pressures to take unhealthy risks to fit in with their peers or to escape. Interactive activities challenge students to explore healthy alternatives to unhealthy risks as they work to reach their goals. Additional skills and developmental topics build on the core social skill set to broaden the student’s sense of self-efficacy and confidence and are tailored to the intellectual, cognitive, and social development of the student.  Media Literacy and Media Influence Resisting Peer Pressure Understanding Peer Influence Understanding Addiction Complex Social and Dating Relationships Exploring Risk Taking and Differentiating Healthy and Unhealthy Risks Substance use and its effect on the body are introduced through more complex discussions around the effect of substance use on health, life, academic, and career goals. Safe Use of Prescription and OTC drugs Effects of Nicotine Use including ENDS Effects of Alcohol Use Effects of Marijuana and THC Use Effects of Street Drugs including Opioids and Stimulants   Too Good for Drugs & Violence High School  TGFD&V combines the SEL and Substance Abuse prevention components of Too Good for Drugs with the additional social competency, conflict resolution, and problem-solving skill development of Too Good for Violence - Social Perspectives into one seamless 15 lesson course. These additional concepts include: Respect for Self and for Others Conflict Resolution Anger Management Healthy Teen Dating Social Media Awareness

Event Details

4:00 PM on June 8, 2019


Phoenix Indian Center
4520 N. Central Ave., #250
Phoenix, Az