CBD Tasting and Health Talk - Private Event

I've been keeping a secret. I've been trying health & wellness products to see how they help me, and waiting ...But now, I can tell you: I use plant-based medicine to heal and maintain health, healing, and wholeness in my whole system.This weekend - join me for an exclusive health talk and tasting about the revolutionary CBD water-based fluid (not oil), that's really changing the game - and mindsets - for health and healing.Will you join me? We have a special guest coming.Saturday, April 6 @ 11-12:30 pm~ or [email protected] 1 - 2:30 pm.Free tastings! Taste and see how effective just two drops of this whole-plant CBD fluid is. Health expert Geoff Belleville is flying down from Eugene, Oregon for our private LA event. He will educate and share on how plant-based medicine - from CBD, to collagen, enzymes and organic ingredients - are healing our bodies and changing lives.With trace THC, it does not lead to getting high. You can use it during the work day. The slogan is 'Get Healed, Not High.' It reduces stress, pain, inflammation, helps brain function... the list goes on.... and I want to help as many people as possible get a taste...Will you join me? *RSVP to ensure we have all the seats we need.* Geoff and Kathryn Belleville devote their lives to helping individuals and families find freedom in their health, finances and hope! They are experts in their field and people of incredible vision, faith, and generosity. Kate Alexander recently moved to LA. She is a musician, actress, writer, and teacher, with two master's and training in England and the East Coast (including Harvard). She has found whole nutrition and plant-based medicine to aid her healing from Lyme and decrease stress from multiple pursuits. 

Event Details

8:00 PM on April 6, 2019


Private Location
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