C.O.S The Marathon continues

Certified Original Stoners & Lionessmedia present #COS #Itsamarthon #Themarathoncontinues #beprolific Put 2 the air for Nipp  Everybody inside gets Free Food, Free Drank   wine toast every hour for the prolific 10$ presale bands = free edible, ediblee-roll ,free entry  Solo dolo 10$ @ door We Matching up (2ppl) 12$ @ door  Doors doors open at 2:20pm until ends at 830 *All stoners and Trïbes welcome* Little 5pts conveniences available for purchase including  all you can imagine: pizza toppings , Addy's , tabs, erbal tea, dried mangos, infused thc food, crystals ,Stones & numerology readings 

Event Details

7:00 PM on April 20, 2019

01:30 AM on April 21, 2019


Secret location
Decatur area, revealed midnight 4/20
Somewhere in Zone 6, GA