Step Into Your Bliss: Letting Go Of Stress & Blocks With CBD & Breath Work

STEP INTO YOUR BLISS: LETTING GO OF STRESS & BLOCKS WITH CBD & BREATH WORK with VERONICA KELLY COST: EARLY BIRD $25, $35 DAY OF  |  REGISTER: 323-745-0495  Want to know how to step into a blissful calm state of being anywhere at anytime? Breath work and CBD! Learn simple and effective ways to bring yourself in to a blissful and calm state of being anytime you feel stressed or overwhelmed.  The power of our breath is undeniable and accessible anywhere and anytime! In this workshop you will learn simple breath work techniques and how to combined them with intention to bring you out of stress and invoke a biochemical response in your body that scientifically pulls you from flight or fight as well as enlists your body to release life prolonging natural elixirs.    We will also supplement your body with Nano Enhanced Lipsolomal broad spectrum hemp derived CBD and CBG.  Legal in all 50 states hemp derived CBD triggers the natural Enndocanabinoid System in your body and also bio chemically brings your body into a state of balance. Taking it from flight or fight into rest and restore!    WHAT IS CBD? CBD is extracted from industrial Hemp with less than .002% THC.  It has all the health benefits of cannabis with out the High. This class will feature a Nano Enhanced Hemp Oil that gets into the body 5-10 times more then any other out there. Thus flooding the body with Photo Cannabidiols and stimulating the Endocannabinoid system.  Health benefits include anti inflammation, total calming of mind and body, and so very very much more.  ABOUT VERONICA Veronica Kelly is a woman of Spirit. She has been teaching yoga for 7 years and working as a spiritual mentor for 6. Her focus is on Mind, Body and Soul connection. She works closely with CBD, EFT (Tapping), Meditation, Magic and Yoga to guide you back to the best version of yourself. When you reconnect your entire system with your Soul and learn to drop in deeply with your intuition, nothing is impossible. We have all the tools at our fingertips. Sometimes we just need a little guidance back to source.  

Event Details

9:00 PM on May 11, 2019


Liberate Hollywood
6365 Selma Avenue
Los Angeles, CA