Cancer Prevention Convention: Hemp, Health and Hope for Cancer

For four years.... ....the Cancer Prevention Convention has brought light and hope to the word cancer here in Michigan. What we have been conditioned to believe about treatment, has been one sided. (If you've heard me talk before, you know that I always say "a half truth is a full lie"). There is an entire world of cancer treatment that we'd like to introduce you to: TRUE integrative cancer care.  A conventional only approach still offers the same treatments it did when pharmaceutical medicine was introduced to the industry: surgery, chemo and radiation. And for just as long, we have been running for (or from??) the cure. The results and outcomes are not good enough. *just so we are all on the same page: THERE IS NO "CURE" TO CANCER!* We are all unique individuals with unique chemistry which makes every single case of cancer, UNIQUE! This disease is not a thing. The word "CANCER" means = many issues in the body that need attention and care. Merely attacking the cancer and not offering complete support to the patient is where we have fallen short. Cancer patients and their loved ones are demanding better, less barbaric treatments that offer better outcomes. This has caused the paradigm of healthcare to shift. People want to know their options! YOU are invited to meet, greet and learn from leaders in integrative cancer care. These phenomenal people are focused and determined to change the way cancer is treated. August 25th will be a day of information and resources. We are removing the fear associated with cancer and preparing you to be aware and armed with knowledge. Not only are these methods for the treatment of cancer being used by the very doctors you will hear from, but many of them apply to PREVENTION as well! Until you know all of your options and have an understanding of HOW and WHY you got this disease, it is nearly impossible to treat it safely or effectively. *if you don't know what your options are, you don't have any* -----treating the disease without treating and training the human it's in will never work------ We don't need more potent, stronger or newer drugs, we need to understand the causes and the implications lifestyle has upon our health, THIS is healing. Our speakers are world pioneers in research and clinical applications. They look forward to meeting with you in a VERY limited attendance convention. Yes, ticket sales are limited. Reason being: I never want a patient to hear someone speak information that could change their life - or better yet save it - and never get the opportunity to talk to them because there were too many people waiting in line ahead of them.  Now a days there is so much information, that it can get confusing. Who do you listen to, what will work for you and what are the best options? You need to know all of your options to decide what's best for you! Not only is this event designed to offer you fresh perspectives of cancer and chronic disease care, HOPE in holistic treatments ... but you will also learn cancer truths, myths and how differently it can be treated just by seeking care from a holistic or integrative oncologist/practitioner. I. AM. SURE. you have heard the words: CANNABISHEMPCBDTHCCannabinoid therapy (maybe you haven't heard of this yet) This is too important to miss. We will discuss this hot topic and give you the very important details you need to know about how this subject pertains to your health and how it could possibly be part of your healing protocol...or prevention plan! Stephanie McKeith, Dr. Nasha Winters and Steve Ottersberg are leaders in this industry and are prepared to inform you and give you the truths about cannabis and hemp! ......this event is also designed to connect you to those who can help you do so! CONNECTION and COMMUNITY are two human necessities! I'd like to introduce you to your "new connections"..... Ty and Charlene Bollinger, The Truth About CancerDr. Darrell Wolfe, Doc of DetoxRobert Scott Bell, The Robert Scott Bell ShowDr. Nasha Winters, drnasha.comSteve Ottersberg, biochemist: concentration on cannabis and terpenoidsStephanie McKeith, Theta Living.....special guest speakers:Dr. Tony and Marcy Jimenez, Hope4Cancer Each year we get great feedback from our people:words past attendees have used to describe their CPC experience:Mind-BogglingInvaluableI wish I would have known....TransformationalLife-ChangingLife-SavingGod sent This year's event comes with a twist:::::: we've encountered times where a patient has exhausted themselves financially due to their diagnosis. In fact, the number one reason for bankruptcy is due to medical expenses from cancer. This year will be donating proceeds to grant assistance to patient(s) whom fall into this category. PLEASE consider making a donation, if you are able. The only way to make change is ..... to change! Help us help others get this process moving ;) EARLY BIRD TICKETS are $79. Prices increase May 25! CANCER PREVENTION CONVENTION 

Event Details

1:00 PM on August 25, 2019


Sheraton Detroit Metro Airport
8000 Merriman Road
Romulus, MI