CGLA May: California, Land of Brands!

We've been averaging over 200 attendees and it's time to scale up! This month's will be at a 400+ attendee location and will be NUTS! We'll be chatting on some of the biggest brands, distributors, and agencies repping these products as the Green Wave continues to rise... We ARE Los Angeles' cannabis community.  On May 7, 2019, Cannabis Entrepreneur and High Times 100 Most Influential Honoree- Rico Tarver will be hosting another night of his unique, live infomercial-style events with amazing speakers plus a great networking community. Each Month, we feature the best of the best in California's flourishing cannabis industry. Market leaders have the opportunity to speak on their companies, stories, and how they have (and plan to continue) navigated through Los Angeles' myriad of issues leading up to and through our first year of legalization. All this done in a one-on-one conversation; on stage in front of 200+ CannaGather Community members. Each event will be live-broadcasted across several channels and footage will be archived on Food will be included and there’ll also be an open bar for those interested in adult beverages. No cannabis consumption is allowed at our events. The way our predecessors did things created a mess of opportunity blocking all traditional routes to success. Grab a machete. Let's forge our own path.  [email protected] more and sign up for event updates at!   Thanks to our amazing speakers & sponsors (so far)! Want to join them? Email us! Our May CannaGathering is upon us and we'll be in our new location, Santa Monica Woman's Club this Tuesday!!! As promised, this one will be HUUUUUUUGE... :-DOur theme will be ALL about brands w/the keynote conversation being with Paul Rosen (Cronos, Tidal Royalty, iAnthus, etc) and Al Harrington (Viola Brands, BIG3). Our diamond sponsor and speaker will be Andrew Meyers, CEO of ProGrowTech; We'll also have special guest speaker- industry legend and activist... CEO and Founder of Callifornia Cannabis, Virgil Grant As far as sponsors... We've got some heat for you and a brand new layout with upstairs/downstairs we think will give the brands more room to set up and flexibilty to chat with prospective customers, clients, and investors. Be sure to check out below who's hopped on board so far. If that's a place you can see your business, or organization, please let us know and we'd be honored to promote your movement as well! :-) Paul Rosen - Managing Director of BreakWater Venture Capital Paul Rosen is a noted career entrepreneur, management consultant and public speaker. Over the last 6years, he has become one of the most active entrepreneurs and investors in the emerging global cannabis industry. He is the Managing Director of BreakWater Venture Capital and has invested in over 150 cannabis companies.Just announced his new edibles brand, Pantry at Hall of Flowers in Santa Rosa, CA. Prepare yourself for a colorful conversation and you better believe the gloves will be off for our conversation as he'll be coupled with Al Harrington, founder of Viola brands!Viola Brands - Viola was founded by Al Harrington, a former NBA player who was a first-round pick in the 1998 NBA draft. Al went on to play for 16 seasons, and became personally aware of the medicinal benefits of cannabis after suffering complications from a botched knee surgery towards the end of his NBA career. But the original inspiration for starting a company came from Al’s beloved grandmother who suffers from glaucoma and diabetes. With some convincing from Al, she reluctantly agreed to try cannabis for her pain and found immediate relief. Her name is Viola. The rest, as they say, is history.Viola has since grown to become a respected, top-selling national brand in the Cannabis industry. We offer consistently high-quality products that are developed with our award-winning extraction techniques and cultivated in our facilities across the country.ProGrowTech - ProGrowTech helps commercial horticulture and food production operations increase profitability, yield and energy efficiency with industry-leading LED lighting systems.With deep roots in the horticulture and lighting industries, they understand the challenges growers face when they need to generate high-yield, high-quality harvests while reducing long-term costs and maintaining an energy-efficient operation.With customizable specifications, flawless uniformity, integrated sensing and wireless technology, they provide growers overseeing operations of all sizes with greater peace mind. They can rest assured that they have the best, scientifically backed technology working for them.Grow Studios - Grow Studios is a full-service marketing firm based in West LA. They feel they're lucky to have partners and clients in a rapid evolving industry. Their goal is to Grow each client's business by asking a lot of questions to understand one thing - What you need and can they help. Their team is highly skilled in a number of areas and work with experts to continue to provide nimble services for the speed of the Cannabis industryTrue Terpenes - Operating out of Portland, OR. USA, True Terpenes is the industry’s trendsetter for custom terpene blends and the benchmark for quality, compliance, and education. Their products are tested to the most demanding safety standards available. Formulated, blended, packed and labeled in cGMP facilities following FSP (Food Safety Plan) and ISO quality standards.Through its commitment to curating a library of detailed plant analytics and extensive on-site research and development, True Terpenes has positioned itself as an industry expert and trusted producer of precision terpene blends, particularly for quality-driven developers at all production scales.Cova -  They're a mix of dreamers, strategists and technologists determined to leave the world better than how they found it. Kowing the future is unwritten, and subject to improvement, so they try to imagine what that future looks like – and devise ways to build it. Cova's goal:To usher dispensary owners into a golden age of simplicity, synchronicity and efficient operations, all powered by Cova.They also know that in business, as in life, experience counts as much as ingenuity. That’s why data storage and security are just as important to them as a user-centric design and a pretty logo. It’s why the curiosity, inventiveness and collaboration that drive our development process every day are underscored by a twenty-year pedigree in point-of-sale software engineering. MNP, LLP - MNP is a leading national accounting, tax and business consulting firm in Canada. We proudly serve and respond to the needs of our clients in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Through partner-led engagements, we provide a collaborative, cost-effective approach to doing business and personalized strategies to help organizations succeed across the country and around the world.Gaspar Insurance -  Gaspar Insurance offers full-service insurance needs to clients nationwide. One of their friendly team members will gladly assist you in reviewing your options with a complimentary quote. Not only will they shop out your insurance for the best products and prices, but they will make sure you understand what we are recommending and why it is important to protecting your financial interests.Three Wells - Three Wells stays true to its origin by taking a conditions-first approach to demystifying the new world of marijuana. The company makes this happen for consumers by carefully curating cannabis content, products, services and experts in the most reliable, safest, and fun, ways possible.They hope they’re able to bring something positive and lasting to your life so you can share your good fortune with those you care about most.Honey Vape-  Honey Vape is a California state licensed adult use and medicinal cannabis company that markets robust, authentic cannabis oil. In 2013 they revolutionized the cannabis industry by becoming the first producer in the world to market full spectrum, distilled cannabis oil in vape cartridges.  Currently, they provide fresh mapped™, ensemble infused, THC and CBD oil in vape cartridges, applicators, and caps to legal dispensaries and delivery services throughout the Golden State. They are currently expanding their brand, distribution infrastructure, and manufacturing assets throughout Northern and Southern California.APOP Media - The largest in-store cannabis lifestyle network & digital menu platform based in LA and has quickly evolved into the market’s leading advertising and educational service. Strategically placed in dispensaries, waiting rooms, med rooms, doctor’s offices & at live events across California.Blackbird - Blackbird offers operations and software solutions that facilitate the movement of cannabis products at each touch point within the supply chain. All this while continually striving to provide the best solutions for cannabis operators with the guiding mission to be good people and help good people – every day.Akerman, LLP - Members of Akerman’s Cannabis Practice understand the complex legal and business issues impacting companies operating in this sector and we have the depth of experience and national reach necessary to help clients meet their business objectives. Their team monitors notable industry trends and legislative developments to provide timely guidance to clients seeking to navigate the maze of often-conflicting federal, state, and local laws and regulations governing cannabis. FLOURISH - FLOURISH™ is a global recruiting consultancy, specializing in executive search for Corporate, VP, Director and Management level roles in the cannabis industry. They unequivocally leverage leading technology and our one-of-a-kind service to deliver the people you want to hire. This is done with unrivaled speed and accuracy, typically saving our clients close to a third in cost when compared to other agencies. While their focus is based on helping you find the right leadership, they also work other high demand full-time permanent positions within the cannabis, hemp and CBD space.

Event Details

1:00 AM on May 8, 2019


Santa Monica Bay Woman's Club
1210 4th St
Santa Monica, CA