A Conversation with K-12 Parent Leaders!

Montgomery County Parents:  Please join us! PTA/PTO/PFC/HSA/HSO Parent Volunteers K through 12 Parents who care! Join us for a conversation about how we can work together to support healthy, substance-free kids! Find out about Be a Part of the Conversation’s programs, which are available in your community. Our parent programs address: stress-free kids early conversations about substance use vaping living with technology and social media THC/CBD (cannabis) We have presented parent programs in 15 of the 21 school districts in Montgomery County. We have enjoyed interacting with families, and it is clear that parent leaders are essential to these important conversations. We need your voices! You are our best link to the families in your community. We would love to hear your concerns, brainstorm how to engage families, and learn from one another. Refreshments will be served!

Event Details

2:00 PM on June 5, 2019


Center for Families
1225 Montrose Ave
Bryn Mawr, PA