CBD Seminar - Supporting Your Body With Natural Health Solutions

We are excited to have Bruce Topping at Harvest Health Foods.  He is always an informative and exceptionally knowledgeable speaker.  If you enjoy hearing the science behind the topic, you will enjoy Bruce's seminar!  Bruce will still talk about how our health is an inside job and it is all connected with our endocannabinoid system. What is this new Super Supplement called CBD?   You may have heard of CBD or Hemp derived CBD, and it certainly seems that everyone is talking about it. We want to help address the topic of what is it, how it works and what could do for our bodies. While we cannot make any outstanding health claims. Some of the reasons our customers are using CBD are to support a healthy inflammation response, anxiety and sleep.  We get the privilege of hearing customer personal stories and for some CBD has been life-changing. * Garden of Life CBD+ formulas contain added clinically studied ingredients to support targeted usages such as for sleep and healthy inflammatory response.  Garden of Life CBD is THC Free, while other CBD products are regulated to having less than 0.3% THC as stated by the Farm Bill.  Bruce will help define CBD, cannabinoids and how they work with our own internal endocannabinoid system. He will also address the importance of sourcing of the raw materials, processing of the raw materials and third-party certifications.  And of course, Bruce will help tie this all together with our health. This is FREE Seminar, we just would like you to RSVP so we can plan on seats!  Be sure to share with a friend.  Bruce Topping has been involved in the alternative medical community his entire life by managing health food stores, speaking for support groups, conducting seminars for Weston A. Price chapters and being an activist for small and local agriculture. He is a consummate student of natural medicine in all its forms with a passion for helping people understand the controversies of diet and nutritional science. Based on his wealth of knowledge, Bruce is a highly sought after National Speaker for Garden of Life and is our Probiotics and Enzymes Expert

Event Details

10:30 PM on June 4, 2019

12:00 AM on June 5, 2019


Harvest Health Foods - Hudsonville
4150 32nd Ave
Hudsonville, MI