Essential Hemp Nutrition (including CBD)

Here are 2 unhappy facts: 1. Most of our daily food is lacking in basic nutrition and some nutrients are more difficult to find than others.  2. Nutritional deficiencies are an important factor contributing to the breakdown of our bodies and our immune system, clearing the path for sickness and disease.  Now a very happy insight: Hemp is one of the most important foods that we can eat because it addresses many nutritional deficiencies by providing: Essential omega fatty acids (omega 3,6,9) Essential Amino Acids (complete Protein) Essential Cannabinoid (CDB, CBG, CBN, THC) Be empowered by understanding all the nutrition benefits of Hemp- especially with regards to offering Cannabinoid Support. Explore you r Cannabinoid system and what it means to support if with Hemp and CBD

Event Details

7:00 PM on June 3, 2019


Nutrition Smart - Wesley Chapel
1821 Bruce B Downs Boulevard
Wesley Chapel, FL