M4edibles food tasting event

This event is about tasting different products that contain THC We are doing a study on the base of butter , oil , weed lean , tincture , etc . We would like people feed back on how the the products taste so we can have better understanding and idea on what people want and taste . Plus the levels of highness that need to get the body relax .  Plus we will be selling stuff at discounted price  !!!!! raffles and etc on edibles !!!!!!!! Plus there will be exotic flowers for purchase !!!! there will be many different vendors at this event . So even if u don’t smoke u can still attend the enjoy .  Live preforms !!!!!!!  If u don’t buy a tick online u can pay at the door which is the same price but you won’t be able to get ya free edible it ticket stub !!!! even if u don’t but  this will be a event that you wouldnt want to miss !!!! Payment accepted on day event Cash  Digital electronics transfers 

Event Details

10:00 PM on October 13, 2019

07:00 AM on October 14, 2019


Trap hous
544 east 171st street
Bronx, Ny