Hemp/CBD Workshop

                                                                                      HEMP PLANT                                                                        HEMP/CBD Workshop – What You Need to Know About HEMP & CBD                                                      See Why CBD is the Wellness Trend of the Future.                    Featuring the highest quality CBD isolate, plus MCT oil, CBD Oil Tinctures provide an                                                                       incredible combination of health benefits: THC FREE                                            If you have any Pain at all, you don't want to miss this Workshop                                                *Some of the Sypmtons/Conditions most treated by CBD:* Arthritis, Inflammation, Obesity & Weight Control, Anxiety & Stress, Asthma, Acne & Skin Irritation, Epileptic Seizures, Crohn's Disease, etc.

Event Details

2:00 PM on August 8, 2019


Red Carpet Self Storage Conference Room
10520 Little Brier Creek Lane
Raleigh, NC