CBD & Commerce

Have you noticed that almost every day or at least weekly you hear about CBD on the TV or read an article in the major magazines?  Hemp is everywhere. That's because the beneficial health outcomes of CBD are being realized daily. But....not all CBD is alike. What sets a product or company apart???  Exclusivity & Differentiation!! Our company accounted for 10% of all CBD sales last year in the US.  This exciting workshop includes the latest information on THC Free CBD. * CBD educational materials and handouts * Raffle and prizes for guest * Exclusive Vip Business package available * Business opportunity information on how to get involved in an emerging $22 Billion Industry * Everyone interested in Wellness is Welcome! REGISTER TODAY! SEATS ARE VERY LIMITED!  So - Come join us to learn more about this golden oil, CBD and CBG, Terpenes, your endocannabinoid system and how you can get involved in the growing hemp derived CBD industry.

Event Details

8:30 PM on August 10, 2019


North Independence Library
317 W. 24 Hwy
Independence, Mo