Puff & Pose

Join me September 8th from 11-1:00pm for the ultimate combination of your two favorite things, cannabis and yoga. This event is held at a private residence hosted by The House and is home to some very funky and beautiful local art work.  Once we settle down onto our mats we will be guided through a very chill and very stretchy yoga flow. The yoga class itself is designed to be accessible for participants of all levels, with options for both more advanced practitioners and also beginners. Since this is a private residence it means that you can, and are encouraged, to bring any flower, concentrate, or edible form of THC or CBD you desire. The event is formatted to give students a chance to mingle before and after class in order to give them a chance to meet all the awesome people in their community! Participants must be at least 21 years old and show proof with ID at the door. You CAN NOT attend the event with out a valid form of ID. So please don’t forget or we will have to turn you away. And as a special thank you from us to you, we are including very special gift too!! Here is a more complete list of things you will want to bring: Valid ID YOGA MAT Water Flour, edibles, concentrates, CBD, etc.

Event Details

3:00 PM on September 8, 2019


Chinatown Gate
John F Fitzgerald Surface Road
Boston, MA