CBD Education & Yoga in the Park

Our community is important for all of us, and that includes our health and wellness. Lisa and Kristi have teamed up to help you get the proper education on some steps you can take in furthering your life experiance though your health. We all want to feel good and self care is a very vital part of our health puzzle, we will share with you some important pieces of our health puzzles.  Together they are bringing you both Yoga and CBD. You will get to try 4 different THC free CBD products ($40 value) to take home with you! We also offer a full spectrum CBD but the samples only come in THC free. You will learn the differences at the event. Included with your samples will be a free educational talk on CBD from Kristi of Artket Acres. Learn why this nutritional suppliment is helping so many and why you are seeing it everywhere now. You will also learn about quality, harvesting, and processing techniques. Try your samples and then enjoy a relaxing 45 minutes of instructed yoga with Lisa. If you purchase your ticket before Labor day (September 2nd) You will also recieve a FREE one on one wellness session with Lisa on Ayurvedic perspective on cannabis and a sample of CBD coffee. Your $25 covers:Over $40 worth of THC free samples Your donation for 45 minutes of yogaFree CBD educational talkOne month access to Artket Acres CBD Club on Facebook About Lisa: Lisa was introduced to Yoga, Meditation, and Ayurveda during a tumultuous time in 2013. As soon as she found these powerful philosophies and sciences, she knew they would be life-transforming. Through studying Ayurveda she identified her health imbalances and made great strides on healing asthma and respiratory issues-something she struggled with for close to ten years. After working with Lisa, clients find themselves sleeping better, reaching their goals, losing weight, and finding balance in their mind, body, and life. In 2017 Lisa joined Joyful Belly’s Fundamentals of Ayurvedic Medicine Certification Course and is expected to graduate this Fall 2019. She offers one-on-one consultation sessions and consultation bundles. She also offers group health coaching programs- focusing on healing through Ayurvedic principles and getting back into rhythm with the body and earth's natural clock. About Kristi: You may have seen her in the Gaston Gazzet with her art and farm. She grew up in the suburbs of Chicago but it never felt right, as her dream was to have a farm. She now calls Dallas home while growing food without the use of chemicals. Since highschool she has been lightly learning about cannabis and it's medical uses. She worte a report about medical uses and it was not well recieved. Back then science was in the beggining stages of researching this plant and 20 years later we know so much more. Her heavy interest in Hemp production led her to reasearching CBD more in depth as well. Her personal experiance of relief from years of back discomfort caused by an injury that caused her to be unable to lift her toe when she walked for 6 months. Her father also suffers from several conditions, and she had to get help for him. After seeing how this product made a diffenc in so many others lives when other CBD brands didn't she had to start sharing with others. Many of us know of a few plants in the cannabis family, and she is helping you learn about them, and how they can help us. How can she help you or someone you love? Come on out and see for yourself. If you are interested in CBD an would like to get information before the event, please contact us and we will get you set up.

Event Details

11:00 PM on September 26, 2019

12:00 AM on September 27, 2019


Dallas Park
1303 Dallas Cherryville Highway
Dallas, NC