Ellementa Indianapolis: Cannabis and CBD for Pain Relief

Let's Talk About: Cannabis and CBD for Pain Relief September is Pain Awareness Month. Anyone in pain knows how challenging that can be.You may be experiencing pain and yet suffer in silence. Or you may know someone in pain and want to offer them a healthier, safe alternative to opioids. At this women's wellness event, you'll: ~~ Learn how cannabis and CBD can be offer immediate and ongoing relief from inflammation and pain ~~ Find out how THC, CBD and other compounds in cannabis interact with your body and brain to address chronic and acute pain. ~~ Discover the quality products on the market, locally and nationally, that can address pain safely and effectively. We explain some of the science behind why cannabis and CBD can be really good for your health. Our goal is to put better information into your hands so you can heal - and help your loved ones heal.If you are looking to understand how cannabis interacts with your body and brain and want to improve your health and wellness - or simply feel better - this Gathering is for YOU. YOUR LOCAL LEADERS: Pam Trapp Pam is inspired by all of the work that has been done in the cannabis industry and the patients whose lives has changed. As co-founder of Freshemp podcast and CannaMedU national education initiative, her mission has been to tell the world. Ellementa is the perfect partnership for her. Heather Diers Heather is a a co-founder of CannaMedU and Freshemp podcast, where we educate on all things cannabis and work hard to change the conversation about the most medicinal herb on earth. She is a certified Medical Cannabis Wellness Advisor and cannabis advocate and is also passionate about animals and pet nutrition. As a certified pet food nutrition specialist, she loves working with pet parents to help them customize a diet for their special needs pets (and humans!), with an emphasis in cancer diets, which are described in great detail in her book, "My Dog Has Cancer. What Can I Do?; Nola's Wellness Guide and Journey with Holistic Medicine." OUR VENUE: Lionhearted Herbals Lionhearted Herbals is owned by clinical herbalist Taylor Jeffers who serves her community through consultations, education, and providing high-quality organic herbs and wellness products. ABOUT ELLEMENTA: Ellementa organizes Gatherings in over 65 cities connecting women to cannabis experts and brands. Learn about cannabis for health, wellness, self-care, and caregiving. These are non-consumption, educational monthly events exclusively set up for women/female-identified. We create welcoming spaces where women can come together to speak openly about cannabis wellness. At each monthly Ellementa Gathering, we explore different aspects of cannabis to empower you with knowledge. If we don’t know the answers, we’ll help you find them! P.S. If you've never been to an Ellementa Gathering before, our Gatherings are very different from other cannabis events out there. This is not a lecture, this is not a business networking event. This is a vibrant, exciting, dynamic and personal sharing of wisdom and experiences. Join us at any Ellementa Women's Wellness Gathering for empowering knowledge & candid conversation! Join Us! Meet women like you who are motivated to live a healthier and happier life. Learn from local Ellementa Leaders, Guest Experts and Trusted Brands at Ellementa Women’s Wellness Gatherings. Share knowledge. Take charge of your health. Get inspired. And bring a girlfriend! We look forward to connecting with YOU and connecting you to better information about cannabis and CBD! We look forward to seeing you! DISCLAIMER: Ellementa Gatherings are non-consumption events. Ellementa does not condone consumption of cannabis on the premises of Gatherings. If consumption does take place at the event or any product is obtained at the event that is consumed after, attendees consume at their own risk and fully indemnify Ellementa, Inc. and its stakeholders from any responsibility. Everyone attending this event or other Ellementa events confirm they are 21 years of age or over and fully responsible for their own actions.

Event Details

9:30 PM on September 19, 2019


Lionhearted Herbals
1635 Hawthorne Dr.
Plainfield, IN