Med Tending 101

Hemp Temps is proud to offer the public our well-renowned Budtending 101 course. In this course, you will learn all of the skills you need to get behind a bud bar and start making sales as a professional. This course contains the following sections: -Laws and Regulations-The Difference between Cannabis and Marijuana-Testing and Labeling-Cannabis Sales Etiquette -Cannabis Varieties-Cannabis vs. Hemp-Cannabinoids and the Endocannabinoid System (ECS)-Terpenes-Consumption Methods-Concentrate Extraction Methods-And Much More! This class runs for 2 hours and each class will end with a quiz and a certificate of completion suited for attaching to your resume. Budtending 101 prepares you to work in any dispensary across the nation while giving you the tools and experience necessary to take the next steps in your cannabis career.  Join us in our classroom for Budtending 101 every Tuesday at 10:00 AM!   MarijuanaCannabisTHC Hemp University Education

Event Details

4:00 PM on September 3, 2019


Hemp Temps
2600 S Parker Rd
Aurora, Colorado