Bootstrapping in the Cannabis Industry! 420 Friendly (PILOT SESSIONS)

We are at a time where a new industry is emerging and the stigma is dissolving. The Cannabis industry is so large and such a fast growing market, that we are bound to attract customers, gain large revenue and attract attention! Are you ready to BOOTSTRAP and become your own BOSS, in the Cannabis Industry?! JOIN OUR PILOT PROGRAM SESSIONS!  No we are not talking about owning a dispensary, or becoming a culivator. In these small and intimate mixers, Leafly Therapy's goal is to motaivate, encourge, mentor and guide a fellow Bootstrapper in the SERVICE MARKET of the Cannabis Industry. 420 Friendly Topics we will cover: - What is cannabis, hemp and marijuana - Explaination of CBD v THC; Medical v Recreational  - What does full spectrum, broad spectrum, isolate really mean - Explore CBD and The Endocannabinoid system - Forms of CBD oil application  - Team building and Interactive brainstorming  - Key consumer considerations, questions and myth busters - Bootstrapping methods to enter the Cannabis industry; with lilttle to no finacial capital and how to use your current skills - Cover careers in the Cannabis industry (other then owning a dispensary) WHO SHOULD ATTEND: -  Millenials, Freelancers, Lyft/Uber drivers, Sales, business, marketing, Independent Contractors and such - The Pioneer type of thinker WHO REFUSES TO WORK FOR "THE MAN" - The Bootstrapping type of work ethic and patience - Those seeking to enter the Cannabis industry; preferably the medical side - Those with no capital but all the motivation, will and time - In other words, YOU BRING RESOURCEFUL VALUE TO THE TABLE AND ARE READY TO SURROUND YOURSELF WITH A LIKE MINDED CIRCLE OF PIONEERS! You leave with: - CONFIDENCE! - A Blueprint to get your business idea off the ground and to the next level! - A supportive network of like minded bootstrappers and entrepreneurs!  - Take home resources and materials to help you expand your business vision! (Business plan outline, marketing strategies and more!)  - Gift Bag with CBD Infused sample products (Body Butter, Epsom salt & Lip balm) - Leafly Therapy's Signature "We are. Different. Vibes!" T-Shirt  - Memebership and Discounts options to future Mixers! - 420 Friendly  - Light Infused Drink and Snack  BONUS: Oppurtunity to invest! BONUS BONUS: RAFFLES!!!!  PLEASE BRING: - Note pad & pen - A business idea and/or skills - A positive attitude! MUST RSVP: [email protected] Adelina Sanchez, Owner and Therapist of Leafly Therapy.

Event Details

9:30 PM on September 13, 2019

01:00 AM on September 15, 2019


3446 N Pulaski Rd
3446 North Pulaski Road
Chicago, IL