Sherita Perez (Houston) Album Release & High Vibe Party!

Description I'm so pleased to invite you to my homecoming concert and album release party at Midtown Bar and Grill in Houston, Tx 7-10PM. This party is going to be centered around sharing knowledge about cannabis, hemp and music! THE SHOW-I Sherita will be talking about her journey from Texas to Humboldt, to New Zealand and back. She'll be sharing what she learned along the way snd the state of hemp and cannabis now. As part of the show, I will be screening a teaser for "Cannabis The Story", A cannabis documentary by Crystal Pyramid Inc, that will be released next year. Local leaders in our community will be join us to talk about cannabis/hemp food, medicine, and more, including current legislation. THE ALBUM- This album is being produced by Kara Gordon and recorded at Earwig Studios in Auckland, NZ. This album is inspired by my time growing with and learning from the cannabis community. The album was written while I was growing cannabis and learning to make it into food and medicine. During this time, I had the pleasure of learning from green fairies, growers and patients as I toured around New Zealand and previously California. These tracks speak to the spirit about growing your inner and outer world from seed to harvest. THE DETAILS- Midtown Bar and Grill in Houston, TX. Tickets will be $17 and will include a pre-ordered USB wrist band with my new album, "Time To Grow". It will also contain videos and lots of other sweet content. It will be available for you at the show. Speakers at the show will be: Rudy Montes (Phenix Inc.) talking about hemp farming and a Q&A- Aza Tucker (Hemp Houston) talking about- CBD/THC. Cannabis and Hemp, what it is what it isn't, how s this a health benefit how to incorporate in your life. Kory Watkins (Free The Weed Texas)- Activism & Freeing The Weed In Texas- Latonya Whittington (Cannabis Reform Houston)Talking about her efforts to legalize Cannabis and whats going on with legislation and our representatives.- Derrick Broze (For Mayor of Houston) Talking about his plan to make Houston a Hemp City!!! High Vibes,

Event Details

12:00 AM on September 21, 2019


Midtown Bar and Grill
415 West Gray Street
Houston, TX