Ellementa Loveland: Women's Wellness Tea Party

This month, it's a Women's Wellness Tea Party! Looking for a place to learn about wellness products and healthy alternatives in a fresh and interactive way? This is the Gathering for YOU! In addition to the opportunity to sample offerings, you'll learn: ~~ What cannabinoids - and even terpenes - are in the things we consume and what they do. ~~ What everyday products infused with hemp CBD really do for you. ~~ What products are coming onto the market at your local supermarket or drugstore. Bring any of your questions to this Ellementa Gathering. We’re a community of women, like you, seeking better health and wellness through natural plant remedies. If you are looking to understand how cannabis interacts with your body and brain and want to improve your health and wellness or simply feel better, this Gathering is for YOU. DISCOVER NEW BRANDS ... Relax and enjoy some tea from Geovana CBD. And sample some Queen City Hemp CBD Seltzer. If you are looking to understand how cannabinoids interacts with your body and brain and want to improve your health and wellness - or simply feel better - this Gathering is for YOU. *** Please dress comfortably! We will be focusing on comfort and relaxing, so you can leave the pearls and heels at home *** YOUR ELLEMENTA LEADER... This Gathering discussion will be led by, Ellementa Gathering Leader Gabrielle Lopez. Gabby Lopez has been a part of the cannabis community in the Denver area for 4 years. Although she has used cannabis before that, she didn’t enter the business side of it until she worked for a health and wellness company, FORIA in 2016. After a year of doing customer service, events, education and more, she decided to start her own apparel brand, Alpine Bloom. Since then, she continues working as a Graphic Designer in Longmont, CO. As an advocate for cannabis and healthy living, Gabby loves the opportunity to share her experience and knowledge with other women. ABOUT ELLEMENTA: Ellementa organizes Gatherings in over 65 cities connecting women to cannabis experts and brands. Learn about cannabis for health, wellness, self-care, and caregiving. These are non-consumption, educational monthly events exclusively set up for women/female-identified. We create welcoming spaces where women can come together to speak openly about cannabis wellness. At each monthly Ellementa Gathering, we explore different aspects of cannabis to empower you with knowledge. If we don’t know the answers, we’ll help you find them! P.S. If you've never been to an Ellementa Gathering before, our Gatherings are very different from other cannabis events out there. This is not a lecture, this is not a business networking event. This is a vibrant, exciting, dynamic and personal sharing of wisdom and experiences. Join us at any Ellementa Women's Wellness Gathering for empowering knowledge & candid conversation! DISCLAIMER: Ellementa Gatherings are non-consumption events in terms of THC. Ellementa does not condone consumption of THC on the premises of Gatherings. We do not distribute THC at Gatherings. If you consume CBD at an Ellementa, Inc. event, you acknowledge you are aware whether or not it is legal in your area. We are not instructing you to consume CBD at an Ellementa, Inc. event. You agree and acknowledge that any product that you may consume or try before, during or after the event is done so at your own risk, and you fully indemnify Ellementa, Inc. and its employees, contractors, sponsors and stakeholders from any and all responsibility or liability. By purchasing or receiving a ticket and attending this event, you are also confirming you are 21 years of age or over (19 years or older in Canada) and are fully responsible for your own actions at the event and any time after the event.

Event Details

9:00 PM on November 10, 2019


Lopez Residence
2324 Farisita Drive
Loveland, CO