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Marijuana has been in “prohibition” for nearly 80 years. Even though the cannabis industry is making tremendous headway on state levels, it is still illegal under federal law. Currently, 23 states that have legal medical marijuana laws on their books and four have approved recreational sales. Twenty-seven states still prohibit marijuana—medical or recreational. The legal environment is still in flux, so grow facilities and licensed dispensaries still face legal challenges at the federal—and sometimes state—level. Cannafo has the information and links to the nation’s most respected cannabis attorneys you need to avoid legal headaches. Stay safe and keep growing with Cannafo!

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Trump Administration To Do Away With Recreational Marijuana

It turns out that the nominee for US Attorney General - Alabama Congressmen Jeff Sessions - could in fact be plotting to change the way that the federal government approaches states with legalized marijuana, and not in a good way.

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Posted: December 13th 2016 | Author: Bryce Sampson

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