A Brief History of Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is a unique strain because it contains virtually no THC. It was specifically bred to contain CBD amounts of 15% to 20%. That is 300 times than the average strain with CBD.

This unique Web was created by the Stanley Brothers of Colorado. They specifically created this sativa strain to help a young girl with epilepsy by the name of Charlotte Figi. The new strain they invented drew the attention of CNN caused droves of people to Colorado in search of a strain that can help them too.

Charlotte’s Web was so effective on television that it caused other cultivators to create CBD rich strains. Cannatonic is a new strain that was inspired by the effects of Charlotte’s Web. Cannatonic is CBD rich and can give relief from serious ailments such as Epileptic Seizures as well.

How to Grow Charlotte’s Web

It is not available to purchase in flower form, clone or seed. If you happen to come across a seedling of Charlotte’s Web, good luck because it might be an imposter. This little Web is a fully licensed product for the Stanley Brothers.

If cultivators happen to come across a clone of this phenotype, there are a few things they might want to know. This plant can grow indoors and outdoors. And can tolerate some harsh weather conditions if outside.

Expect that after 8 weeks to 9 weeks to yield large amounts of buds. The plants will have a bushy indica shape with indica shaped features. Be aware that not all Charlotte clones will product high CBD results. It has a chance of growing into an equally balanced THC and CBD strain.

The Benefits of the Web

Charlotte’s Web has no psychoactive effects. It contains all naturally occurring antioxidants, neuroprotectants and important fatty acids. This strain is an incredible healer because studies show that it kills cancerous cells and stops the process of new ones.

When recreational and medical people consume this hemp derived tincture, they report feeling relaxed, uplifted, happy, focused and energetic. But without the feeling of intoxication or uber highness. This strain also helps people fight off pain, stress, depression, inflammation and headaches. Other more serious medical symptoms are epilepsy, nausea, lack of appetite and migraines.

It might be a little difficult to find the strain. It is available in Colorado and Florida for sure, but in Oregon it is banned by the Liquor Control Commission. The reason it is banned is because the name of this strain is too appealing to children.

A Few Negative CobWebs

There are a few strains associated when consuming Charlotte’s Web. One of the most common complaints is dry mouth. If you don’t want to feel like you have a mouth full of cotton balls, make sure to have a tasty refreshing beverage nearby.

The second most common complaint is dizziness. This little Web can feel like a web of lies. It is supposed to help alleviate symptoms of migraines and headaches but it can also create a dizzying sensation. Remember, this phenotype has a high CBD count and will not get a person high regardless of how much was consumed. Take too much of the Web and it can cause that dizzy feeling in the head.

Other not so common complaints are dry eyes, anxiousness and paranoia. Dry eyes can be cured with eye drops like the Clear Eyes brand. Anxiousness and paranoia can be prevented by keeping an eye on dosages.

The Tastes and Smell of Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web has a great taste and smell. Even though it is generally sold as an oil and tincture, it still has a neat fragrance. Many agree that it smells flowery, earthy and piney.

The taste is smooth on both inhale and exhale. Expect a flowery taste during inhale. And a piney chemically aftertaste on exhale.

Overall, this hemp-derived product is perfect for people who want to medicate but not feel high. Daily tasks and chores can be completed while providing long-lasting medical relief. For those in the local area of Colorado and Florida consider yourselves lucky that you don’t have to travel too far to seek comfort.

Have you tried Charlotte’s Web? What was your experience like? What are your thoughts about the reason Charlotte’s Web was banned in Oregon? Is it difficult to find a real clone of Charlotte’s Web? Let us know in the comments down below.

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