"Sea of Green" Strains

The much ballyhooed "big bud" strain from Seattle is fine within its limitations, but much better varieties are now available. "Big Bud" is propagated solely by cuttings (no seeds are available). If cuttings of cuttings are taken ad infinitum, genetic rift frequently eventually occurs. This is comparable to taking xerox copies of xerox copies; some genetic material may be lost, although some strains hold up longer than others. This may be happening with "Big Bud", which would explain the low survival rate of the cuttings.

Other varieties, which work better for "Sea of Green" techniques, are now available from a new Dutch seed bank. ("Sea of Green"means shortening the vegetative stage to produce large numbers of quickly harvested short plants).The strains I recommend for a "Sea of Green" are Northern Lights, Skunk #1 x Afghani #1, 12K, Ras, and 911. These should produce excellent mother plants from which to take large numbers of cuttings.

Wise Money Investments .

Money has been printed in January for circulation in April. There will be a couple of changes this time around. Very small writing is placed around the portrait. A polyester thread is placed inside the paper, which can be detected by holding the bill up to a strong light source.

Of course, the official purpose of the small writing is to prevent accurate photocopying. However, as long as the old bills are legal tender, the same potential for photocopying would still exist. Legal tender means money which the merchant ard creditor must accept as settlement :: financial transactions and contracts. What a particular style of money is demonetised, meaning it is no longer legal tender. Paper currency becomes unusable through normal wear and tear after about 18 months. After currency is too tattered to be practical, it’s burned in kilns operated by the Federal Reserve Corporation.

This means that by October, 1988, most of the presently used bills will be replace: by the new ones. (Except for the old bills held in private caches by those foolish enough to keep them. By the way, recently enacted statutory law requires cash-type transactions of large amounts, to be reported to the IRS.) Around that time 1 would expect the old bills to be demonetized. Maybe sooner, because reduced printing of $100 bills has caused them to be scarce for about the past year and a half.

When demonetization occurs, I expect additional changes. Multicolored currency could be introduced, which would be easily recognized by merchants Also, metallic thread could be substituted for polyester; thus making large amounts of currency detectable by electromagnetic scanning devices such as are in use at airports.

Statutory law requires that the transfer out of the country of large amounts of cash be reported to the government. The proper and still legal way to transfer wealth oir. of the country is to put precious metals or. deposit in a domestic branch of an international commodities Firm, and receive an equivalent amount (minus commissions in the appropriate foreign country.

Swiss banks have come under increasing government regulation, particularly when the deposits are said to come Torn drugs. I suggest researching the topic, and shopping around. By the way, since December 15, 1986, the issuance of any U.S. passport is subject to IRS approval. If you cannot get a passport, you might be interested in knowing that the state of Ciskei in -Africa has an open immigration policy allowing dual citizenship. Ciskei also has very low taxes and a Liberal social policy. Once your wealth is transferred to a safe haven, I suggest real estate, power generating equipment, survival supplies and precious metal coins as investments. Don't put all your "eggs" in one country, however.

For more information on federal reserve notes vs. real money, write to the American Information Network, 2140 West Chapman Suite 223, Orange, California 92668; and request a free sample issue of the Freedom League Newsletter.

Low-Tech Extraction

Now let us consider the issue of smoking vs eating. Eating is more healthy. The active ingredients in Marijuana can be extracted using this procedure: rupture the cell walls by placing the plant in the freezer overnight; air-dry the branches by hanging them in a dark room for two weeks, with temperature at about 72 degrees F, and humidity about 40%; crumble the leaves and soak them overnight in vegetable oil, shaking well periodically; put the leaves and oil in a fine mesh wire basket over a centrifuge; when all the oil has dripped or been squeezed into the centrifuge, use a baster to extract the THC oil from the middle. The centrifuge should be operating when the THC oil is extracted. Some people soak the leaves in room- temperature vegetable oil, while others simmer the oil in a double- broiler.

If the oil is to be used in cooking, room-temperature extraction may be preferable. See Cooking With Cannabis by Adam Gottlieb.

By: Esperanza Godot

Wolf Segal - Farmer in the Sky

35 Years of Innovation in Large Scale Cannabis Cultivation & Inventor of the Sea of Green method.

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