Most people are aware that cannabis is a natural aphrodisiac, but there are some strains that take it to another level. We looked through hundreds of strains and have picked three that we found to be the best for the bedroom.

When picking our best aphrodisiacs, we wanted to find a strain for every type of person. We have picked a high cbd strain, an indica, and a sativa. Each of these is great for sex, increasing sensitivity and euphoria. So take a look at our picks and try them out for yourselves!


High CBD Strain: Cannatonic

- This strain is amazing for sex, especially for people who may feel anxiety in the bedroom. The high CBD levels leave users feeling incredibly relaxed, providing a nice mellow high that is euphoric and uplifting. Foreplay is a must. Have fun exploring eachothers bodies as you pass the joint back and forth!


Sativa Strain - Strawberry Cough

- It makes us both sex crazy... Strawberry Cough is a potent sativa that is very cerebral and uplifting. Most all users agree that this strain is a must for the bedroom. You won’t need much either as this strain is very srong. It has been known to increase the length of your romantic sessions as well!


Indica Strain - Grand Daddy Purple

- Simply put, GDP is amazing stuff and is a lot like taking a muscle relaxer. Men will last longer, women will be more sensitive... It may be the best strain for sex. Grand Daddy Purple has always been a favorite of regular cannabis users, it’s time for you to find out why.

Do you have a favorite strain for sex? If so, please comment to let us know what your go to strains are for the bedroom!

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