A rose by any other name might smell as sweet but finding it under that name is now a whole lot easier! Farms that produce well known products like Girl Scout Cookies or Cinex under aliases or ’in-house’ names like Nectar Cookies can now be discovered.

There is a lot of confusion in the market surrounding naming conventions. Mass market strains have dominated legal markets. Due to the unregulated nature of the black market (where many strains have been developed) there are no hard or fast rules concerning the name of a specific strain. Our new strain alias feature helps silence a lot of the background noise to provide the most accurate information possible.

In order to minimize confusion and maximize relevance, we have added the ability to link two strains together. One strain entry becomes the main while the second becomes an alias. Clients and guests can search the database for a strain by the main or alias name. Some strains don’t have an alias and are considered new.

New strains can be added by genetics clients and go through a rigorous verification process to ensure accuracy, minimize redundancy and ensure a consistent level of detail. Some clients may not wish to share all of the information on a given plants history. We respect that view but also know that customers are significantly more likely to purchase a product with information available than products without information.

Customers looking for a specific farm offering an aliased strain will be directed to the page with the relevant information and alerted to the fact that the product is known under other names. The customer is then able to identify to appropriate source based on their preference. This eliminates some of the confusion around strain names while allowing small genetic cultivators to compete with national branded names.

With Thanksgiving just past and Christmas on the way, we are all getting busy. To help keep you de-stressed, we have our top-notch programmer elves burning both ends of the candle. They are working to make sure that our clients have the most efficient and user friendly tools possible. Tools like the Seed Finder, Trade Desk and more have been built from the ground up to serve our clients needs.

With new features like the ability to upload pictures, find strains by common name or aliases, and genetic producers adding new entries as they are developed, Cannafo is the most powerful cannabis centric business platform on the web. It has been a long road so far and there is still far to travel but we are excited about the future.

 The legal cannabis market is constantly evolving. As the market develops and changes, Cannafo is going to continue to evolve and provide the most powerful tools available to our clients and guests. We have some new developments in the works along with additional improvements to existing systems in store for the future.

All of our platform adjustments are aimed at improving the tools available to our community. Our growing and active community is integral to our process and we want to share our appreciation in this season of thanks. To all of the subscribers and clients we have had the pleasure of serving this year; Thank You. Your continued support gives life to Cannafo and we hope to continue serving you. Thanks for reading.

Adam Rhodes

An adventure seeking nerd, nothing too serious but people seem to like him, Adam is also the creator and writer for The Strain Domain

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