Pure Kush the Netherland Dream
Pure Kush is considered one of the world’s strongest indica strains. This tasty strain originated from the Netherlands in 2011. The Greenhouse Seed Company took an OG Kush from the Hindu Kush mountains and bred it in the Netherlands. This produced what we now call Pure Kush

Let’s all Grow Pure Kush
Pure Kush is an easy to grow strain. It can be grown indoors and outdoors just fine and produces 900 grams per square meter. Under a 1000-watt light per square meter it’ll flower in 9 weeks indoors, and it likes the SCRoG approach.

Outdoors, Pure Kush will be ready to harvest by the end of September. And when grown outdoors the plant’s size is medium with dense buds. Other growers say that Pure Kush tends to grow short but very wide outdoors. Therefore, it’s recommended that cultivators have plenty of space when growing Pure Kush. Expect THC levels to test between 19% to over 25%.

The finished product has great bag appeal. It has a pinkish hue with white and orange hairs. The buds are dense, sticky and covered in resin. The scent in the air will be very potent. It will smell nutty, sweet and skunky every time you walk out to your garden.

Pure Kush is Pure Heaven
The casual smoker will notice that they can sleep easier and feel the stress leave their bodies. In a few minutes aches and pains start to fade away, but the feeling of hunger starts to kick in. Have a healthy snack nearby just in case you feel compelled to eat something before falling asleep or couch-locking yourself.

Pure Kush is a popular medicinal strain due to its powerful effects and pain-killing properties. Medical patients specifically choose Pure Kush to relieve their severe symptoms. Symptoms like anxiety, arthritis, PTSD, ADD/ADHD and Gastrointestinal Disorder start to fade away.

Since Pure Kush is a powerful indica, it doesn’t take many puffs before painful symptoms starts to dissipate. For those who want to sleep, a few more puffs of Pure Kush should do the trick. Due to its powerful narcotic effects, this strain is definitely best for evening to nighttime use.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind
There are a few negative effects that users should be aware of, but they’re not severe. Some have claimed to get dry mouth and dry eyes. And even fewer claim that they feel paranoid, dizziness and headaches when smoking Pure Kush.

For those who are worried about dry mouth and dry eyes, the cure is simple. Have a cup of water or a tasty beverage nearby. And don’t forget the eye drops.

For those who are worried about feeling paranoid and such, just remember that it’s all about dosages. Pure Kush deserves your respect, it is a powerful indica strain. Watch those dosages by taking a couple of puffs then putting it down; and everything will be fine. The long-time smoker should be able to enjoy its powerful effects before finishing a full bowl.

The Trickster Kush
It tends to fool consumers at first inhale. Within the first minutes, people think it’s a sativa strain. The initial feelings are pleasant in the head and face. Soon afterwards, the real heavy hitting sensation takes place. The buzz that started in the head and face start to trickle down the body.

This strain couch-locks people followed by narcotic after effects. Consumers body’s will start to feel relaxed as they sink deeper and deeper into their couch. The narcotic effects will make it so a person doesn’t care about what is stressing them out the most. “One of the dankest strains I’ve ever had – powerful effects, dank flavor, lasts forever. Heavy indica that’s good for veteran users, but new users beware. One hit could really knock you out.” Said anonymous Pure Kush enthusiast.

After a few more tokes, it will knock a person out. The sleep a person gets after smoking Pure Kush is deep and relaxing. The high feels like bliss as it takes away the days aches and pains. “This is the Mike Tyson of strains. It just punches you right in the face and says, ‘Stay the f%@# down! You ain’t goin’ nowhere.’” Says Pure Kush enthusiast, I_miss_u_cupcake.

Adam Rhodes

An adventure seeking nerd, nothing too serious but people seem to like him, Adam is also the creator and writer for The Strain Domain

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