Named after the alien Star Trek race, Romulan is a strong indica-dominant strain.

Like a loaded weapon of Federation Seeds, this strain is set to stun. Romulan originated in the Next Generation Seeds (NGS) garden and the high is sure to keep you seeing four lights. There are several hybridized variants of this intoxicating strain. But they all promise strong potent therapeutic qualities with intense cerebral effects.

Jokingly, users feel a tingling sensation on their face. Like their face is getting warped to look like the Romulan race. When baked into edibles, the narcotic-high can be so strong that users reported feeling dizziness, paranoia and headaches.

This is not a strain to use for focusing, the sedative effects tend to help people not care about daily issues and stresses. One user explained that going bowling and smoking Romulan was a mistake. After a few hits the user didn’t care about bowling anymore and preferred to sit back and watch his friends play.

Patients love Romulan to treat muscle spasms and nerve damage.

After a couple puffs of Romulan, users start to feel relaxed, a bit sleepy and euphoric. Consumers start to feel immediate relief from stress, pain and insomnia. It is great for treating anxiety, ADD/ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Spinal Cord Injury, Lupus and migraines.

Have a glass of water near-by to help combat the sensation of dry mouth. Eye drops are also recommended, let’s just say there’s no hiding pie eyes after you smoked Romulan. Consumers also reported that Romulan increases appetite, so have a few munchies nearby.

Romulan is a legendary indica-dominant strain (75/25).

Romulan was created with two indica strains; North American Indica and White Rhino. It is generally grown in B.C. and in the Pacific Northwest but can be found all over the U.S. There were no seeds, just clones available to the public. It was originally developed by NGS but later sold in 1996 to Federation Seeds right before the original genetics died out.

Federation Seeds purchased Romulan as a clone but didn’t keep it the same. They crossed the strain with White Rhino and then back-crossed the strain until only 3% of White Rhino remained. Their secret sauce seems to work. Romulan has been featured High Times, Skunk and Cannabis Culture.

Romulan is an old strain.

Rumor has it that Romulan seeds were brought back to Victoria during the Korean war around the 50’s. The breeders wanted shorter, faster growing strains that could grow in their environment. During the 60’s and 70’s, the breeders tried to cross bred their seeds with Afghani and Mexican strains. But didn’t have great success until the 80’s when they stopped trying to hybridize seeds and went back to the old way of selecting traits they liked in their old genetics.  The breeders kept selecting squattier phenotypes that led people to believe that Romulan is a pure indica.

Romulan is a popular strain to cross as the high tends to be a dominant characteristic. Known offspring include Bhang Romulan, Maui Haole, White Buffalo, Blue Dream x Romulan and Blueberry Punch. The short stature of true Romulan is another great trait it tends to pass on, especially for indoor cultivators.

It is said that Romulan has a strong Columbian influence. NGSC has grown several varieties from Columbia and one of their strains was incredibly close to Romulan in flavor and effect. However, that variant was tall like a sativa with red coloring on the leaves and stalk.

Romulan takes approximately 7-9 weeks to flower.

It is a short stumpy plant that prefers cooler climates and open air. The pungent aroma of Romulan is best brought forth by growing outdoors with organic fertilizers. Romulan doesn’t like being over watered and large PH fluctuations will disrupt growth. Slow drying and proper jar-curing help bring out its powerful and pleasing aroma.

The sea of green method (SOD) is suitable for growing Romulan because it branches multiple times with many budding sites. The Romulan strain is characterized as a dense frosty bud with the pungent-earthy scent of pine so humidity and mold need to be kept in mind during flowering.

Indoor and outdoor growers agree that Romulan is an adorable stocky plant with large dark green leaves, purple stock and hard dense buds. Romulan’s tends to have mid-range THC, low levels of CBD, and high terpene concentrations.

Don’t let THC numbers fool you, this strain is potent.

Terpenes like pinene and myrcene (common in this strain) open airways and help THC metabolize respectively. Users constantly report that Romulan should be taken at night because of its strong narcotic effects.

Romulan comes in three phenotypes. The first and preferred expression is short, compact, fast blooming and indica-dominant. The second is long-stretched, fast blooming and indica-dominant. The third phenotype is short, blossoming, and sativa-dominant. The entire line yield slightly above average but is prone to mold and powdery mildew.

Have you seen this strain? What about a cross? Let us know what you have seen and love about Romulan in the comments below!

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