Sunset Sherbert has history

Sunset Sherbert (or Sunset Sherbet) is an indica- dominant hybrid with potent effects. It gets it genetics from its Girl Scout Cookies lineage. Girls Scout Cookies lineage include OG Kush, Cherry Pie and Durban Poison. Girl Scout Cookies was crossed with Pink Panties to create the super sweet candy tasting strain Sunset Sherbert.

The cannabis testing labs constantly score this strain’s potency between 18% and 24% THC. Consumers be aware that this is a creeper weed. The high takes a few minutes to kick in. And as it starts to take over the body people start to feel droopy and deeply relaxed.

People report feeling the high start as pressure behind the eyes and forehead. Then a great numbing sensations starts to trickle from the head and down to the toes.

How to Make Sunset Sherbert

Sunset Sherbert is a moderately difficult strain to grow. It needs experienced TLC to keep from growing out of control. This strain grows very bushy and needs good topping and training.

It likes warm nights and hot days, which makes this strain great for outdoor growing. But it can grow indoors just fine. And using a greenhouse maximizes yields because it’s easier to control its preferred temperature (70 to 85 degrees).

This phenotype requires heavy feeding. Using good nutrients will stimulate vegetative growth as well as topping and pruning plants. At 9 weeks, expect to be ready for harvest.

Medicinal Values

This strain is best to use during the evening. It offers an energizing sativa high. But it is a heavy couch-locking strain that makes people feel hazy and relaxed. “Combo a Sunset Sherbert with a good cup of coffee and the potential to have a great day is almost a given…” said jam191958.

Many medicinal and recreational smokers agree that Sunset Sherbert makes people feel relaxed, happy, euphoric, uplifted and creative. The medicinal benefits of this strain help treat stress, depression, pain, insomnia and lack of appetite.

This strain also helps treat more serious medical conditions. Symptoms like ADD/ADHD, anxiety, arthritis, bipolar disorder, chronic pain, and mood swings.

A Few Negatives

There are a few negatives associated with this strain. But these issues are easy to deal with. For instance, the most common complaint is dry mouth and dry eyes. These complaints are easy to deal with because all anyone needs are eye drops and a cool glass of water.

Anxiety, dizziness and paranoia are other common complaints with this strain. These issues are easily preventable. Just remember, this strain takes a few minutes for its effects to kick in. Don’t be a noob and continue taking hits until the effects are felt. That is a bad idea.

The best way to smoke this strain is by taking a few hits, the putting the pipe down. Wait a few minutes and see if the desired high is achieved. With this strain, it is better to wait a bit than to force it to get you high. If these negative effects do occur, the best thing to do is put yourself in a comfortable position and relax. Negative feelings go away, just kick up your feet and surround yourself with feel good things like music and food.

Taste, Smell and Looks

Sunset Sherbert is popular because of the high it produces, but also just as important is the smell it produces. It smells of sweet berries, fresh oranges and earthy undertones. “It smells as if heaven cracked open its Mason jars and said enjoy. fruity sweet bliss in a bud. amazing body buzz with a soaring sativa cerebral blast. one of my new favorites and hope it stays around for years to come.” Said Sunset Sherbert enthusiast, gmenez88.

When this phenotype is ground up, it starts to smell danky and skunky. But it still smells sweet and citrusy. When this strain is lit up, its smoke tends to be harsh. Some say that it stings their eyes and makes them want to cough. It also leaves behind a tart taste in the mouth.

Sunset Sherbet is a beautiful strain. It has special pigments that give this strain a bright purple color. Consider yourself lucky if you get a hold of the rare phenotype of this strain that tastes like grape.

Have you tried Sunset Sherbert? Does its smell fill the air with scents of sweet berries and flowers? Does it taste as sweet as it smells? Is this strain harsh or mellow when smoked? Did it make you want to cough a little or go into a coughing fit? What was your experience like growing this strain? Let us know in the comments down below.

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