This award winning, tangerine flavored strain initially went by another name.

DNA Genetics are the guys to thank for crafting todays strain of the week: Tangie. Their company is in Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands. Tangie started off as a Tangerine Dream remake that was popular in the 90s. DNA Genetics initially kept the genetics a secret. That was, until the breeder known as Crockett showed them a phenotype that stood out from the rest. Once it was decided, the newly named strain was made available and quickly became a public favorite.

The parent strains that were used to breed Tangerine Dream, and later Tangie, were California Orange and Skunk #1 Hybrid. After its initial creation, this strain went on to win several awards including 5 cup wins. The most well-known award would be taking 1st place at High Times Cannabis Cup in 2013 and 2014. Tangie is now available across the West Coast of the US, Arizona and in Colorado. This strain is readily available stateside but it is difficult to locate internationally.

Tangie has a strong following in the cannabis community and people know why they like it. In terms of looks, people like its small, tightly packed nugs with orange hairs. Its scent is just as lovely, having a sweet and musky aroma. It even holds a citrus and orange taste with its smoke. But the strongest flavor is tangerines.

This strain can handle a lot, just make sure to use soil instead of hydro grow.

Due to popular demand, this strain comes in different forms when sold to patients and users. Both normal seed and autoflowering versions of Tangie are available from DNA Genetics. This strain is classified as a sativa dominant with the percentage being around 70%. The level of TLC this strain requires makes it better for intermediate to experienced growers. It takes plenty of work to get the high levels of THC this strain can produce. When growing indoors, this strain prefers soil over hydroponics.

Tangie can handle any type of grow environment. However, this strain performs best and produces the most yield in an outdoor environment. When indoors, growers can use different methods of grow with little problems such as SCROG and SOG. This is a tall plant with an average yield of 450-550 grams per meters squared. More dilligent growers will see higher yields than unattentive cultivators though. While this isn’t the hardest strain to grow, it certainly isn’t the easiest. It can be finicky during growth so new breeders shy away.

After all is said and done, this strain can finish in 9-10 weeks (63-70 days) indoors, and late September to early October outdoors. No matter what method the grower chooses, the end product will be worth the time and energy.

A multi-use strain that is popular with artists that can be taken morning and night.

Tangie can brighten anyone’s day. It can treat many symptoms ranging from anxiety, depression and stress to muscle pain and headaches. It does this by giving the patient a flood of euphoric sensations and body tingles that encourages relaxation. This strain is quite physically sedative but it leaves the mind clear and focused all while the patients overall mood is improved. This can be good for artists who might be stressed to relax and focus on work.

Once the smoke settles, the consumer will have a small amount of time to get things ready before the effects kick in. The onset is a little slow at 10 minutes, but once the high starts, it keeps on rolling. The one thing users have to keep in mind is its minor side-effects. Thes iclude dry mouth and red, itchy eyes. Have a warm beverage and some eye drops handy and all will be good to go, no matter what time of day the user decides to medicate.

Speaking of the time of day, many will disagree about when is the best time to take Tangie. This strain that can be taken either in the morning or at night. The morning gives the user a boost and provides a better mindset for the day or in the evening when it is time to relax and settle for the night. It is best for the patient to decide when is the best time for them as there is no wrong answer, just try it out for the best results.

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