Cannabis is an integral part of many happy couple’s sex lives.

People from across the word find that cannabis provides a little kick to their lovemaking to help keep things fresh. In addition to adding a little spice, couples that use cannabis together often report better relationships, more intimacy and a more powerful connection to their partner.

The aphrodisiacal effects of cannabis were well known even in ancient times. Tantric practitioners have used cannabis preparations like bhang for centuries to help reach new emotional and physical plateaus. Modern users may not be inventing new positions but they still benefit from the increased blood flow, reduced inhibitions and increased sensitivity that cannabis provides. 

The proliferation of named strains with diverse terpene and cannabinoid profiles can make the process of adding cannabis to the bedroom a bit complicated. But it all boils down to how the strains make you feel. Sativas tend to increase mental stimulation, indicas increase physical stimulation and hybrids do a bit of both.

It’s important to note that edibles and concentrates can reduce desire if over consumed. Much like other depressants including alcohol, consuming a large amount can turn a night of passionate lovemaking into a literal snore fest. Most people find that the more stoned you are, the less your parts want to function. Because of this, we recommend light consumption until you know how your body reacts.

Everyone also has unique experiences with different strains.

What gets you fired up may not do anything for your partner. It is important to learn how you and your lovers bodies react to cannabis. Use that info to make an informed decision about when, where and how to incorporate cannabis into the bedroom.

Make sure to talk with your partner about limitations and expectations before starting too. While cannabis can improve lovemaking, it can also create a wedge if treated improperly. If your partner is uncomfortable with the idea of smoking before or during sex, respect their boundaries.

That doesn't mean to give up if your partner is hesitant. Some people simply need reassurances while others may feel inadequate or unsafe. Don't disregard these fears but take small, clearly defined, and mutually agreed upon steps towards overcoming those hang-ups in a healthy and respectful way.

With all that in mind, here are 10 popular strains that are known to improve sex.

I broke them up into indica, sativa, hybrid and I added my personal favorite as the final entry. This is by no means a comprehensive list but it should shed light on the kind of strains that add the most to the lovemaking experience.



Grand Daddy Purple

            This strain provides a wonderfully heavy high. Small amounts of this strain will help you relax enough to try something new. GDP is known to create a happily relaxed high but with a touch of dry mouth.

Afghan Kush

            This strain is known for its pain relieving effects. Perfect for the flexible or unusual lovemaking positions or for those with problems getting around. Just be careful not to get sleepy.


If you are stressed out and find it hard to be intimate, this strain is for you. It does dry out the juices but gives you the room to simply be in the moment.



Sour Diesel

Sour D. is a racy strain that can kick the sex-drive into high gear. The mental stimulation pairs well with the mood-lifting effects for adventurous couples looking to add some heat to the bedroom.

Chocolate Chunk

If creativity in the bedroom is an issue, Chocolate Chunk is a great strain to try. This strain stimulates the mind and opens up new ways to think about pleasing your lover.

Strawberry Cough

Just not into lovemaking? Sometimes it comes down to not having the energy to perform. This strain may be able to help. Strawberry cough is well-known to increase energy, appetite and improve overall mood. 



Skywalker OG

Perfect for taking the edge off of a rough day or getting around chronic pain, Skywalker OG is a balanced hybrid. Some users report gentle tingling in their more sensitive areas.

Cherry Pie

This strain is named after an American classic for a reason. It provides a decent mood lift while also relaxing the body. Don't be surprised if lovemaking goes into overtime with this one.

Girl Scout Cookies

This strain provides a sweet tasting and well balanced experience. Many users report more satisfaction and deeper feelings of connection with their partners using this strain.


Personal Favorite:

Quantum Kush

This strain is one of my personal favorites to consume before getting frisky. With only a few puffs, this strain gets blood pumping where it needs, uplifts my mood and makes me far more willing to compromise with my lover. It is very powerful and long-lasting so both of us can perform till dawn.


Have you incorporated cannabis into your bedroom?

Do you or your lover have a preferred strain? How do you and your partner handle cannabis in the bedroom? Let us know the answers and what strains you have found improve lovemaking in the comments below.

Adam Rhodes

An adventure seeking nerd, nothing too serious but people seem to like him, Adam is also the creator and writer for The Strain Domain

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