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As a Mad Scientist, there are a few things that boggle my mind...String Theory, the origins of life, and the fact that some growers are still using liquid fertilizers. If that includes you, then allow me to present a scientific explanation of the superiority of powdered fertilizers.

Before we even dive into the science, consider the economic advantages of powdered fertilizer. Every liquid fertilizer begins as a powder, so why are you paying to ship water? A lighter-weight powdered product equals more money in your pocket. Consider too that a concentrated powder requires less shelf space than a pre-mixed liquid and puts less stress on shelves.

Let’s start talking science with physics

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Powders are not affected by extremely cold or hot seasonal temperatures that can damage liquids, denature nutrients and burst containers. Powders also have a very long shelf life, whereas one must always worry about using liquids before they expire. Liquid fertilizers require heavy lifting and bottle shaking, but not so with powders.

Chemistry & biology

Why not start the clock ticking when you’re actually ready to fertilize? Powdered nutrients and mycorrhizae only become active after you add water. Also, YOU determine the concentration of powdered fertilizers according to how much water you add. With liquids, you get what you get.

You should know that an innovative Oregon-based company has been producing a superior line of powdered fertilizer mixes after years of research and development. Dakine 420 is masterminded by a group of professionals with PhD’s in chemistry and microbiology, along with botanists, horticultural specialists and other highly-qualified professionals. The Dakine 420 crew of mad scientists and incurable green thumbs has taken the time to develop finely-tuned products you can trust. High quality produces healthy plants; healthy plants produce higher yields; higher yields mean more money in your pocket! Consider just a few more benefits of Dakine 420’s superior powdered products:

  • Dakine 420’s four proprietary Nitro Nutrients are blended with perfect NPK ratios, complete with all the macro and micro nutrients needed for perfect plant health and vigorous growth.

  • Nitro Nutrients are pH balanced.

  • Nitro Nutrients powders are super clean, dissolving in seconds, meaning clogged feed lines, dirty reservoirs and pumps, salt and sediment buildup will be things of the past.

  • They contain no dyes and are made with the best sustainable food and pharmaceutical-grade ingredients from the US and South America.

  • They are super-simple to use, with clear instructions included.

There are really too many benefits to include in one small article, so I encourage you to visit for more information. When you realize how significantly these products will increase your yields and decrease your expenses, you can thank me, the Mad Scientist!

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