10 Cities consume more per year cannabis than all other cities.


The future of cannabis is here. It feels like it was just yesterday when cannabis was first legalized in California. It is now the year 2018, and the public’s opinion is changing. In the next few years, many brokers predict that cannabis stocks will rise by at least 35%. But like everything on a stock exchange, future increased are only a prediction, not a guarantee.


Yet there are many indicators showing the industry is still rising. Growing sales and strong support are increasing the consumption rates of marijuana. Below is a list of 10 big cities that consume the most marijuana in the world.


  1. New York, U.S.A     77.44 metric tons of weed each year.

  2. Karachi, Pakistan     41.95 metric tons per year.

  3. New Delhi, India     38.26 metric tons per year.

  4. Los Angeles, U.S.A.     36.06 metric tons per year.

  5. Cairo, Egypt        32.59 metric tons per year.

  6. Mumbai, India        32.38 metric tons per year.

  7. London, UK        31.4 metric tons per year.

  8. Chicago, USA        24.54 metric tons per year.

  9. Moscow, Russia     22.87 metric tons per year.

  10. Toronto, Canada    22.75 metric tons per year.


There are a few things about this list is are surprising.


One thing to notice is that 4 cities in this list are from North America. The United States represents 3 of those cities while Canada only has one. But in California alone the expected sales will boost revenue by an estimated $1 billion. But the U.S. isn't the only North American country that can legalize weed. Toronto, Canada is currently reviewing their cannabis legislation program to fully legalize weed by July 2018. Investors are leveraging their money in Canadian cannabis stock to be ahead of the next gold rush. Canada will likely be the investors choice when they are the first to federally legalize it.


Even though a few U.S. cities are on the list, it doesn’t mean that cannabis will become fully legalized any time soon. According to U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, marijuana has absolutely no chance of becoming legal. Sessions made it clear during his Senate tenure and he maintains that his intuition is more reliable than decades of peer-reviewed scientific research. Luckly, there are a multitude of advocacy groups working to ensure he can't undo decades of progress.

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