Women everywhere are changing the world even the cannabis industry. The days of thinking of only people like Snoop Dog and Willie Nelson being the only supporters of cannabis are long gone. Powerful business women like Meg Saunders, CEO of Mindful, and Sara Batterby, CEO of HiFi Farms are paving the way for women making an impact on the cannabis industry.

Most researchers would agree that men tend to smoke more than women but that does not mean that the cannabis field needs to be dominated by men. There are an array of different jobs available in the industry besides growing or being a bud tender. These include: offering trimming services, marketing, owning dispensaries, creating a non-profits and much more. One organization that has a major impact on the cannabis industry for women is WomenGrow

Empowering and Connecting Women

WomenGrow was founded in 2014 by Jane West and Jasmin Hupp to educate, inspire, empower and connect aspiring professionals. Since 2014, their Denver based organization has grown to be a tool to help women influence and succeed in the cannabis industry on a national scale. They have monthly events in over 30 cities in the US and Canada and are constantly growing. You can use their website to find member businesses, events and even jobs. 

Looking for an event to network with other women in your area? WomenGrow has a great calendar of events where you can go and network with newcomers or establishes cannabis professionals on the first Thursday of every month. If they did not have an event in your city and you would like to start a Women Grow Community there - go on, be a leader - you can apply to be a market leader in a new territory.

WomenGrow is showing that female representation in the cannabis industry encourages more women to become involved and ultimately educates females on the benefits of cannabis use. According to Dr. Michele Ross, Neuroscientist and founder of IMPACT Network, cannabis is made for women. Cannabis has been found to help regulate hormones, reduce painful period cramps and symptoms that come along with menopause. Men - you have it easy in that “monthly” department.


Based in Oregon, HiFi Farms is committed to craft cannabis and is a Clean Green Certified cultivation company. Founded by four friends in 2014, HiFi Farms focuses on the female participation in cannabis cultivation and embraces the ideals of high-quality, small-batch cultivation. Although it is not a female-only company, it is led by female CEO Sara Batterby and is around 60% women. Her innovate influence on the company helps to push them forward in their marketing and branding. Widely known across Oregon for their “feminized” t-shirts, they take special care in highlighting the importance of the female but also reaching men.  


Women Celebrities who Support Cannabis


Take one look at Rianna’s social media accounts and you’ll know the lady loves her bowl — so much so that she allegedly wanted to cut back. While overindulgence is an issue that many people believe will plague our society when recreational marijuana is legalized across the board, Rhianna shows that Rihannaeven people who consume at a ‘high’ level are still able to work and produce in civil society. Granted, the songstress has had her fair share of trouble with authorities, she is no more outlandish than any other celebrity that has maintained the spotlight for any length of time.

Rihanna does have something of a Cannabis fix on her Instagram though.

The sexy singer has posted a plethora of pics of her toking it up which has helped several unsubstantiated rumors about her starting a line of designer bud called Marihanna. While there are no official plans for her to release the cannabis line, it hasn’t stopped the rumor from maintaining a powerful hold on the imagination of internet users the world over.

Miley Cyrus

It’s no secret that Cyrus is a big fan of weed, so much so that she lit up on stage at the European Music Awards in 2013. An organization that ran anti-cigarette smoking ads during the Video Music Awards has complained to MTV's parent company about the program's multiple Miley Cyrusreferences to marijuana and said it sent the wrong message to young viewers.

Show host Miley Cyrus was responsible for most of them. She even came backstage with a lit joint after the show and passed it around to photographers in the press room. She even sold $65 packs of edible gold rolling papers at her Bangerz tour. The message sent by celebrities about marijuana on the VMAs is every bit as persuasive as the show's commercials, said Tim Winter, president of the Parents Television Council. Plenty of successful people smoke pot, and have the financial cushion to handle it if things go wrong, said Kevin Sabet, head of the anti-drug group Smart Approaches to Marijuana.


Taylor Dahlquist

Texas native who finds herself traveling to new and exciting places or just a low key weekend spent with friends enjoying a beer or two after a long hike.

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