Articles By Taylor Dahlquist



Net Neutrality and WHY you should support it

Do you like using the internet and being free to browse what you want? Or how about using the internet to let your voice b... Read More »


Possession of Heroin, Cocaine and Other Drugs to Become a Misdemeanor?

Oregon Governor Kate Brown (D) wants to reclassify drug possession and has now been given the chance. H.... Read More »


Nevada Legalization to Begin 6 Months Early

Nevada residents voted yes by about 55% to legalizing marijuana in November 2016. The Marijuana Policy Project backed this initiative, which required the state to initiate sales by 2018. ... Read More »


Women and Cannabis

Women everywhere are changing the world even the cannabis industry. The days of thinking of only people like Snoop Dog and Willie Nelson being the only supporters of cannabis are long gone. Powerfu... Read More »


Actions Trump Words

With Donald Trump being in office for a little over four months now, his cabinet is finally complete. Some of these members include Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Press Secretary Sean Sp... Read More »


From Bankrupt to the Marijuana Silicon Valley

Many people have never heard of Adelanto, California although it is only a few short hours north of Los Angeles. Nestled in the desert, Adelanto is home to about 30,000 people, three inca... Read More »


Is the Marijuana Prohibition Coming to an End?

What would it be like to live in a country where marijuana was no longer considered a federally controlled substance? Well for supporters of marijuana legalization, their long awaited pra... Read More »


Texas Attempts to Puff but Doesn't Pass

Although Thursday night killed proposed marijuana bills, House Bill 81, House Bill 2107 and House Bill 3587, it was still a step forward as the last time marijuana penalties were reconsid... Read More »


Vermont House Passes Marijuana Bill by a Hair

Vermont Coalition to Regulate Marijuana urge to voters to call Governor Phil Scott to tell him to support H. 170 was a success. Late Wednesday, May 3rd, the Vermont House gave final appro... Read More »