The evidence that cannabis is a natural aphrodisiac is mounting!

A new study from the Pharmacological Research journal provides evidence to support the claim that cannabis is in fact and aphrodisiac, which is probably not news to those who actively consume cannabis.  

In this study, researchers from the University of Catania in Italy and Charles University and Masaryk University in the Czech Republic reviewed a number of investigations conducted in the 1970s and 80s on the effects of cannabis on sexual desire and satisfaction.

The study found that couples who used cannabis before sex experienced effects similiar to other aprodisiacs in generally 50% of the reported cases, while 70 % confirmed that smoking before sex led to “improvement in delight and fulfillment.“ 

This is supported by another 1983 study published in The Journal of Sex Research that found about half of surveyed cannabis users reported increased sexual desire and about two thirds reported increased sexual pleasure after consuming cannabis.

So if you are looking to spice it up in the bedroom, cannabis could be your new go-to! 

Bryce Sampson

A caffeine dependent life form.

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