We are excited to share the counterculture experience with all of you. For those of you who don’t know, 420 is a code-term that is related to the consumption time and date of cannabis. Whether it be 4:20 am/pm, or April 20th, it is the unofficial ‘tea time’ of the cannabis consumer. On April 20th, many shops around the world celebrate this time with discounts or fun activities so check out the events calendar to see what fun festivities are happening around you!

Who decided 420 should become synonymous with the cannabis culture?

Rumor has it, that it all started in California with the Waldos. A group of teens that met together after school behind a wall to consume cannabis at 4:20pm; from there the number grew in popularity. Any 420 signs whether it be a business or highway sign are constantly stolen. Even cannabis legislation bills numbered 420 have been passed in honor of the culture. The Idaho Department of Transportation grew tired of replacing their highway 420 sign, so they got creative and made a new sign (419.9); but it was stolen anyway. They finally decided they could not have any type of sign so IDT spray painted the number on the road.

A city in Minnesota kept getting their sign stolen, 420 St, so they relabeled their street, 42x St, in hopes of stopping the thievery. TV shows like South Park created their 420th episode to feature cannabis as the star topic. On 420, you bet you’ll hear us greet one another with the phrase, "Happy 420!" while indulging in all things cannabis.

How Do We Celebrate 420?

Anyway you’d like really! Many people like to bake delicious treats and have 420 themed party at their homes. Businesses may or may not cater similar events, provide discount programs for the day, raffles, potlucks, political events to support legalization of cannabis. Here at Cannafo, we are celebrating at the Cannacon event in Santa Rosa. 420 goers in London are attending a 420 political event in favor of the legalization of cannabis. The ‘bobbies’ are not harassing the crowd, they are just there to make sure no one gets hurt, even while people are consuming cannabis outside in the open.

Another option to do today is to go to a weed cup. But no matter what you decide to do, be safe. Not all events have a happy ending, there was a shooting that happened during a 420 event in Denver.

Watch your weed!

Sometimes, parents can become distracted and children can easily walk up to a table and snatch your weed. It is scary when a child goes unconscious or gets seriously hurt because of egligence, which can also lead to a felony case. So, don’t let kids or pets ruin your party and watch your weed! Keep your weed safe in a childproof container, get a babysitter if possible, air out your home somehow so they don’t have to suffer through hotboxing. For those of you that don’t know what hotboxing is, it is when a room is filled with smoke and the air is purposefully kept in that room for a higher experience. It is dangerous because you are purposefully limiting the amount of oxygen in that room which makes you think you are getting higher but you are just cutting off oxygen to your brain.

Have fun, be safe and Happy 420!

Adam Rhodes

An adventure seeking nerd, nothing too serious but people seem to like him, Adam is also the creator and writer for The Strain Domain

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