Big Bud is a strong indica dominant strain. It is mainly used during the evening and nighttime hours because of the powerful body high it provides. This strain was developed in the 1980’s by mixing Afghani and Northern Lights. And it was lucky enough to have survived Nixon’s war on drugs. Fans of this strain transported it to the Netherlands where it thrived and became genetically stabilized.

Big Bud eventually made its way back to the states and spread nationwide. Soon after it was submitted into a competition and won. In the “mostly indica” category, Big Bud won 1st place prize in the High Times Cannabis Cup of 1989.

This bud has great bag appeal. It is thick and covered in large amounts of white trichomes. When people touch this strain, it feels wet and sticky due to heavy amounts of resin. Most find it difficult to break apart by hand.

How to Grow Big Bud

As luck would have it, Big Bud is an easy to grow strain. Novice cultivators can attempt to grow this strain and expect great results. It can grow in soil, but for better yields it prefers hydro and it will flower between 55 to 63 days.

The buds this strain produces are so heavy that the branches will need to be tied up to help support itself from the weight. Otherwise, the branches will start to break and potentially ruin its own growth. It will grow to medium heights and finish growing by late October.

This strain prefers warm climates that are similar to Mediterranean climates. When taken to a lab, expect THC results to come back between 15% to 20%. With a little tender loving care, Big Bud can produce large yields of sticky thick buds.

Big Buds Feelings

This strain provides smokers with wonderful emotions. A majority of smokers’ report feeling relaxed, happy, sleepy, hungry and euphoric. This strain makes people feel calm and can help people sleep if they take enough tokes.

Big Bud also provides comfort from certain ailments. Many smokers agree that Big Bud provides relief from symptoms such as pain, insomnia, stress, depression and nausea.

This strain is also good for people dealing with other serious medical symptoms. Anyone who is suffering from ADD/ADHD, anorexia and asthma can find relief after a few puffs of this strain. People who are suffering with cancer find relief from nausea, pain and lack of appetite because of this strain’s medicinal benefits.

Big Buds Issues

All cannabis strains have its up and downs, and Big Bud is no exception. However, this strain’s negative effects are easy to deal with and simple enough to overcome. The most common complaint associated with this strain dry mouth. But dry mouth is easy to overcome with a tall glass of fresh water or your favorite beverage.

Due to the wonderful couch-lock this strain provides, it’s a good idea to have drinks and snacks handy before indulging. The body high is nice but it can be ruined by getting up to grab a drink or a bite. It also feels terrible going to sleep with an empty stomach. Try and have a bite before the high kicks in and knocks you out.

Other people have complained of dizziness, headaches and paranoia. These symptoms can be alleviated by keeping an eye on dosages. If you smoke too much, the best thing to do is lie back and try to relax. These symptoms will eventually go away. Turn on the T.V. to try and take your mind off the nasty feelings.

The Big Bud Effect

Big Bud looks awesome, the high is great and the taste and smell is memorable. When a bag of this strain is opened, wafts of earth, spice and skunk fill the air. It tastes just like it smells, and the high feels like a strong wonderful body buzz.

DiabolikWolverine420 has it right by saying, “Do not under estimate this strain Big Bud. It's a powerful indica with huge buds that can put you to sleep and ease your pain. The high is very strong and will dissipate after a couple of hours. Perfect nigh time cannabis, highly recommended.”

Have you had some Big Bud? What was your experience like? Was it as stony as we’ve said? Did it knock you back into the couch? What was your experience like growing this strain? What were the challenges you’ve faced growing this strain? Let us know in the comments section down below.



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