Cheese is a popular cannabis strain. It is a sharp smelling indica-dominant hybrid that originates from the U.K. This strain is a descendant of the strain Skunk #1 and an Afghani strain.


The pungent scent of Cheese comes from the Skunky side of the family. And the large yields this strain produces come from the Afghani side of the family. This strain is, “Hands down best daytime strain. Very strong head buzz that lasts longer than 90% of other strains...” says TokeDuck420.


This strain dates back to the 1980’s. And Big Buddha Seeds is the company that brought Cheese back into popularity. The Cheese is best known for its memorable scents and unforgettable relaxed-happy high.


This Cheese is Not Supposed to Mold

For those who are thinking about growing the Cheese strain there are a few things you should know. This strain grows bushy, makes a strong odor during flower and doesn’t have finicky feeding requirements.


This strain is such a laid back easy to grow strain. It doesn’t care whether it is grown indoors or outdoors as long as the climate is toasty. It likes warm sunny temperatures to be kept between 70 - 80 degrees Fahrenheit. And it can handle humidity fluctuations, which is not something not many cannabis plants can do.


Don’t be afraid to use the screen of green method when cultivating this plant. It does great using SCROG because of the way this strain grows out. And trellis the plants to increase their yields. It also does good using soil or hydro. When building a greenhouse, don’t forget that this plant grows nice and tall and will probably stretch out a little.


Why People Crave Cheese

Cheese is a strain that is known for having several wonderful characteristics. One of those great traits is how this strain makes people feel after taking a few Cheesy puffs. Many smokers say they mostly feel relaxed, happy, hungry, euphoric and sleepy.


Basically, after one puff people feel like they are in better spirits and don’t feel so down. After taking a second puff people starts feeling a little hungry, like they got the munchies. Then after a few more minutes go by, or another puff is taken people start feeling sleepy and might want to take a nap.


The doses just mentioned were just meant as an example. Each dose taken from this strain will affect people differently. Some may feel sleepy after one toke instead of three. Or other smokers might feel hungry right away.


Cheese is the kind of strain that can be used for several reasons. Medical patients find that this strain helps to greatly alleviate stress and pain. It is also not uncommon for patients to use this strain to help alleviate symptoms of depression.


Don’t Let the Cheese Get to You

Cheese is a strong cannabis strain that helps people feel great. But taking too many hits can also ruin the party. Take our advice, have water and eye drops handy along with something that can distract you like a fun movie or hang out with a positive friend.


This strain give people a terrible case of cottonmouth. A small glass of water may not be enough to quench a thirst after smoking a dab of cheese. Your eyes might start to dry up and feel like they got a sunburn. Clear eyes can help add some life back into your eyes.


The reason we say have a good movie playing or hang out with a nice friend is because this strain can make people feel paranoid and dizzy. When feeling normal the the dizziness and paranoia is at a minimum. The feelings are there but they’re in the way back of your mind. But if a person smokes too much of Cheese, then the feelings of dizziness, paranoia and potential headache become exacerbated. But they will recede over time.


The Funny Love of Stinky Smells

Cheese is a funny strain. It smells like pungent, earthy cheese and it tastes like it too. And as fans, we love this strain.


When a long time smoker smells this strain in the air, their mouth waters. That is because they can identify the smell in the air as a Cheesy cannabis strain. And thus deduce that the smoker  of that Cheese strain is having a great time.


This strain also looks like moldy cheese. It is a bright green-colored nug with lots bright orange hairs. It has great bag appeal and its high THC results (15-20%) make this strain hard to keep on the shelves.


Have you tried the Cheese strain? What was your impression of this herb? Would you recommend this strain to others? Have you tried growing some Cheese? Is it easy to grow Cheese or difficult? Let us know in the comments down below?

Adam Rhodes

An adventure seeking nerd, nothing too serious but people seem to like him, Adam is also the creator and writer for The Strain Domain

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