OG Kush is an earthy hybrid from the 90’s that world fell for.

It was well into the 90s when OG Kush surfaced for the first time. It traveled from Florida to California and then to Colorado, over 2,300 air miles in total. The company known as Imperial Genetics brought it over to the West Coast. Despite its popularity, nobody knows the true lineage of the original OG Kush.

Despite the mystery surrounding its origins (or possibly because of it) many rumors circulate about the true genetics involved. Many people are convinced the true origin of OG Kush is a combination of Chemdawg and Hindu Kush. Some elements of the story are more credible than others but the truth is a mystery lost to time.

Part of why people agree with the Chemdawg/Hindu Kush theory because of the heavy Kush qualities evident in flower. The small, dark and dense nugs seem to drip with trichomes in the same way Hindu Kush does. This was actually one of the qualities that helped establish its name. It doesn't seem that having mystery genetics is a problem for most users though as evidenced by its national popularity.

Because of genetic instability, OG kush can grow several different ways. This has led to multiple names to describe different genetic expressions. Strains like Tahoe OG, SFV OG and Bubba Kush are all different expressions of the same hybrid genetics.

The dark green flowers are paired with an aroma of earth, pine and strong citrus. It definitely has the Kush taste as well with a pungent wood filtering through the rest. It even carries a fuel like aftertaste when properly cured.

What this strain lacks in height it makes up for in its stench.

This flower is not picky about whether it spends its days in the sun or under a lamp. It can handle any indoor or outdoor growing methods that the grower ultimately decide to use. The plants small stature lends itself to indoor growing though. It usually does not grow past 3.5 feet tall on average so even small people have no issue maintaining the canopy. Once outside, this plant can reach about 5 feet 2 inches. But the incredible height of this strain can't even hold a candle next to the smell.

Users and growers alike need to plan ahead when it comes to containing its scent. This strain has a very pungent aroma. So when growing indoors, investing in air filters is almost mandatory.

Several air pollution cases have been brought against growers because of the strong smell this strain exudes. Not to mention the countless stoners who have been sniffed out by police.

After all that is said and done, the grower just needs to keep up with the smell and reap the rewards for his or her efforts. This strain finishes flowering indoors after about 49-63 days or 8 weeks.

It's all about the yields in these fields.

The average yield outdoors is highly dependent on growing conditions. However, it can produce up to 65 to 100 grams per meters squared when done properly. This can be difficult to achieve though as OG Kush can be a finicky eater.

Growers must keep a constant eye on the nutrient uptake and overall plant health as this plant is extremely sensitive to changes. Beginner growers may want to avoid this strain and train on more robust plants. Medical patients with the skills and desire will find OG Kush to be a welcome addition to their gardens.

OG Kush is a sativa dominant strain that contains about 55% Sativa to 45% indica. Because the numbers are so close together, this strain is considered a hybrid strain with a slight lean to sativa. The balanced nature of this hybrid also helps it treat a wide range of ailments.

This strain treats anything from headaches and migraines to symptoms of ADD/ADHD and even depression. Ailments caused by too much stress are targeted as well, and OG Kush has shown promise for those dealing with Alzheimer’s disease.

OG Kush helps patients and recreational users by eliminating stress from the body for a few hours. It is known to give users a heavy sensation of euphoria with a buzzing sensation in the body. It leaves people happy, relaxed, and uplifted for the duration of the high.

The high is powerful, overcoming many users new to it, resulting in severe couch lock.

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