A popular strain for the masses, but no one can agree where it came from.

Sour Diesel is an energizing sativa strain with a hazy past. Sometimes known as Sour D, this strain is named after its invigorating diesel like aroma. People love the unusual combination of sweet and pungent fragrances associated with Sour Diesel. This strain’s high creates a comfortable feeling of energizing cerebral effects.

Sour Diesel first appeared in the 1980’s and 90’s in the states Colorado and Michigan. Because of the underground cannabis market, documentation was scarce. Its history and upbringing is an ongoing mystery.

Sour Diesel is a tall plant with medium sized thick buds. The coloring on the bud is a soft green with orange hairs and has a slight stickiness to them. Its parent strains are rumored to be Chemdawg 91 and Super Skunk, though it is only speculation. No one fully understands this strain’s true lineage. Some people even say it might be a cross between Chemdawg and Northern Lights, or a combination of all three.

Its past and lineage might be a mystery, but its scent profile sure isn’t. It holds a pungent diesel scent with a pinch of lemon. It tastes earthy with a smooth smoke that goes down easy. Sour Diesel’s odor is so strong that its pungent aroma is known to fill an entire house. Breaking the bud open will only unleash more of its fuel and fruity terpene scents into the establishment.

It is resilient for new growers, but almost hair-pulling for impatient growers.

This strain can handle grow methods in both indoor and outdoor environments. For outdoors, it requires humid, Mediterranean type climates, preferably with temperatures between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. For indoors, regular room temperatures are fine for the most part. Make sure to keep bending and pruning the flower early in the grow process to keep it contained and manageable.

Sour Diesel doesn’t take much effort, but it does need a keen eye to handle the needs of this strain. It grows tall, at about 2 meters in height. It has long, skinny branches and it is spacious between flowering nodes. When the strain goes into flowering, Sour Diesel produces a moderately high yield. It can have upwards of 42g to 55g (1.5oz to 2oz) per square foot of product.

Waiting is always the hardest for a lot of growers. Some are even put off from the long flowering period that this strain requires, 10-12 weeks (or 70-84 days). The wait is worth it because cultivators are rewarded with potent sativa greens and a bright, happy garden to admire.

It is the strain to take to the streets, but not so much to bring to the sheets.

Sour Diesel is almost a pure sativa strain at about 90%, while its indica count is about 10%. It has a THC count of 26%, making it a potent psychedelic strain. It also sports a CBD count of 2%, and CBN at 4%.

Its attributes treat all patients dealing with depression, stress, poor appetite, chronic pain and fatigue. In more serious cases this strain can help patients cope with Bipolar Disorder and PTSD. Sour Diesel keeps them busy instead of letting them mull over negative thoughts and memories.

Once consumed, the patient will experience an energizing alert also experience a daydream-inducing head high. It can make the user alert because it wakes them up from a fatigue haze. The consumers racing thoughts will make it a bit difficult to focus on a specific task for too long.

It might even make a person chatty if there are friendly faces around or a good bar to visit. There are also reports of minimal heavy body sensations and practically no couch-lock. Making Sour D great for early morning day use if the consumer has no other obligations to attend to.

As there are uplifting benefits to this strain, there are also some drawbacks a person should be aware of. It can cause a bit of a dry mouth and dry eyes. It can make some patients feel dizzy and even paranoid if the dose is too high. New smokers should take extra care not to overdo it due to the strain’s THC content. The onset activates quickly and can last about 2-3 hours.

Sour D is a popular strain that can be found just about anywhere in the US. Check out our database for more information and locations associated with Sour D. It’s a strain worth hunting for.

Adam Rhodes

An adventure seeking nerd, nothing too serious but people seem to like him, Adam is also the creator and writer for The Strain Domain

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